Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Breaking News (Serbieski Power Plant Bombers Apprehended)

Shocking revelations have come to the fore and are going viral as we speak around the globe. The confessions of Frantisek Voorheest to the Mithrandir just before his execution a week ago has led to the arrest of the bombers of the Arc International Power Station in Serbieski. The bombing that took place in March 2013 caused severe tensions in the politically precarious region on the Wallachian border of Syldavia. Political dissidents have plagues that region and indeed the Syldavian stability since the 1997 Syldavian civil war that resulted from the Bloody Revolution in Scot-Britania. Intense investigations into the bombing brought forth very little evidence but suspicions have now been confirmed by Mr. Voorheest's confession.  

The Arc International Power Plant is a constant controversy in its own right as it has brought much needed power and infrastructure to an impoverished region of Serbieski. However its impact on the surrounding natural environment and its groundbreaking technology still raises many serious concerns. 

The bombing was at first believed to have been motivated by fanatic environmentalist but was soon proven to rather be motivated by political dissidents with strong anti-monarchist agendas. Serbieski has a very deeply ingrained nationalist history and its mediatized inclusion in the greater Syldavia remains difficult to this day. The return in Septemeber this year of the Serbieski Crown Jewels however has placated the region's proud people.

Frantisek Voorheest, the executed assassin that killed Empress Crystobel in 2013 on her official visit to Britania admitted to the Mithrandir minutes before his beheading that he was part of an underground political move bent on eradicating all form of monarchy in Europa. He shared information about the bombing in Serbieski that only an insider could know adding lost puzzle pieces to the investigation.

This information has lead to the arrest of a several people linked to the bombing and proves that it was financed by the theft of the Duke of Swann's emeralds as was also suspected. There statements also now add even more evidence to the mix. A golden thread can now be drawn from the theft of the emeralds to the bombing and assassination of the Empress. This has obviously also led to a few new questions and implicates a few new suspects. However much of this is still classified as it seems more has been uncovered than the authorities could have imagined and if links to the 1996 Revolution are implied then this has international repercussions on the level of war.

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