Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 27 October 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Empress Crystobel Sisters Gift Necklaces)

In 1995 Empress Crystobel celebrated the birthdays of her sisters by giving each an identical necklace. Personal and intimate family gifts are often shared between Royals lending a very personal touch to what the rest of the world only sees as expensive jewels. Much of what is perceived as vast and valuable Royal collections are strewn with these personal heirlooms. Let as take a close look at the Crystobel Gift Necklaces today.

This archive photo was taken to record the two necklaces together. At left we see the one given to Princess Beatrice who became Grand Duchess of Hanoveria and at right the one that was given to Princess Elizabeth who became Duchess of Swann. The necklaces are made from pearls, diamonds and onyx. The gems are set in such a way to form a stylized equilateral cross.

This photo, taken at the birthday of Princess Beatrice, shows Empress Crystobel hanging the necklace on the neck of her youngest sister.

At the 1995 birthday party of Princess Beatrice her elder sister the Duchess of Swann also wore her copy of the necklace that she received a few months earlier for her birthday. The idea was that Empress Crystobel wanted to give each of her younger sisters something personal bur also exactly alike to symbolize her love for them. Also the hope is that these gifts will pass down the inherited lines of both the Hanoverian and Swanobian Royal dynasties forever being a symbol of their connection to each other and to the Imperial House of Scot-Britania. 

The last great event that saw one of the necklace worn was the Castle Sorgenfrei roof wetting party held in April 2013. Princess Beatrice, in green pictured above, wore hers to this intimate family affair. It stands to reason that the Swann version of the necklace has not been seen since before the 1996 Revolution wherein Princess Elizabeth lost her life. Both necklaces will pass to the next generation and may soon be seen worn by upcoming ladies in both Royal lines as they receive them as inheritance. 

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