Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 9 October 2014

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Madame Victoire d’Bellmont-Champagne)

One of Europa’s most eligible bachelorettes finds herself today in our spotlight. This Noble Family finds itself more in the media glare than ever before due to new interest sparked by some of their ancestral jewels being discovered in the Reichenthal Vault earlier this year.

Son Altesse, Madame Victoire d’Bellmont-Champagne Princesse Nobile de Champagne translates as Her Highness Lady Victoire d’Bellmont-Champagne Noble Princess of Champagne. Princess Victoire was born on 30th of September 1981 as the second daughter of the immensely wealthy Duke de Champagne. The Dukes of Champagne have for centuries been producers of and, as the name suggests, the originators of the world’s most celebrated drink, champagne. Their massive wine producing farms in the modern democratic Republic of Franconia cover the territory of the old Duchy of Champagne and are equivalent to a small country. It is due to this family’s vast power, influence and amiable relationship with their workers and surrounding people that during the Bloody Revolution of 1995 the populace just turned a blind eye and let them alone and unharmed.
The Champagne family avoided politics and as such when Franconia transitioned from Kingdom to Republic they just continued with work as usual. Stripped of their official titles they are still so respected by the people who work for them and know them that they still receive full honour when addressed. It wasn't all plain sailing however as history took a nasty turn in the old Kingdom of Franconia. In 1685 the King of Franconia grew jealous of the semi-autonomous Dukes of Champagne and coveted their wealth. He launched an insidious scheme to slander the family by insinuating treason and fraud. The populous became suspicious and the resulting rebellion led to civil war. It led to Champagne losing half its wealth to the Franconia Royal Family but more importantly its autonomy. However it gained an independent respect from the people who never trusted the Kings of Franconia again. This in turn saved the Champagne family more than 100 years later.
Madame Victoire has taken a controversial interest in the fight against alcoholism after the scandalous death of her sister who died of alcohol poisoning in 2000. The Champagne family desperately tried to avoid scandal, but could not. It was a contradicting tragedy that the champagne heiress was found dead in her Paris apartment. Blame for the death was placed on depression as their daughter lost many friends to the Bloody Revolution. Their popularity was however pushed to a new high when the young Victoire spoke out against the abuse of alcohol during a press release after the funeral. The family has since pledged 20% of all profits to charities and institutes fighting the disorder. Victoire took it upon herself to release the world’s highest quality non-alcoholic champagne and named it in honour of her deceased sister, “Princesse Blanche”. She has since been appointed the director of the Champagne Corporation’s non-alcoholic department and its spokesperson on relating matters.

A toast, to the very beautiful, Madame Victoire!


  1. She is truly beautiful. I never realised the Kings of Franconia were so cruel, though. By almost destroying the Champagne family they inevitably caused their own destruction.

    1. Yes, the intrigue around Royalty can become quite deadly.