Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Breaking News (Arcwhite Closes its Borders)

The Island Realms of Arcwhite has officially closed its borders today stating that the defection of its sovereign head of state, Lady Arcwhite poses a threat to their national security. All trade and non essential travel is blocked with immediate effect and all ambassadors and other non-citizens will be extradited within the next few days. The international stock market is already showing adverse result because of these developments. 

The Arcwhite governement, in the absense of a Lady Arcwhite is headed up by the Lady of the Silver Cuffs as acting head of state and the obscurely mysterious Mother of the Veil as head of government. 

The various Arcwhite managed power plants dotting Europa will be evacuated of all Arcwhite staff and in effect be left in the hands of the countries they are geographically situated in. 

The potential for an exploding powder keg is now iminent as we await official statements from the various governments and effected organizations. 

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