Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Breaking News (Arcwhite Swann Sanctioned Press Release)

On this Sunday, traditionally a day of peace, the growing tensions growing between Arcwhite and Swann are being addressed directly by an official press release from Duke's Court Palace. The Duke of Swann has granted the Lady Arcwhite full asylum and has also officially sanctioned a press conference from where her statement as to her reasons for "defecting" from her native country was taken. Her position as Head of State however is still fully recognized by the sovereign nation of Swann pending the decision of the people of Arcwhite.

Lady Arcwhite, who has seemed very timid at her last press conference a few months ago at the headquarters of Arc International, was decidedly more confident and relaxed when meeting with the press in Swann early today. It was noted by the press a few months ago, that Lady Arcwhite seemed very stressed and even declined attending this years Birthday Ball. This lead to many rumours about her well being. As the story has now come to light all this seems to make more sense as she was planning this daring "escape" or as some may choose to call it, treachery.

 Lady Arcwhite has also confessed to a list of "crimes" committed by her government that has verified and affected those made by the Serbieski bombers who were apprehended a few weeks ago and those confessed by Frantisek Voorheest, the assassin of Empress Crystobel. All confessions made were done so completely in sound mind and of her own free will but does now place her in a precarious limbo as enemy of her own country and seeming friend to the implied enemies of the same. The full scale and nature of the confessions are still classified but will be released as soon as the relevant parties have processed it and may also bring criminal prosecution against Lady Arcwhite in her private capacity. The entire list of confessions have been categorized into three levels; historic and minimally volatile, economic and secularly criminal and lastly extremely volatile with International repercussions.

The first category has one confession and may be published here today. It refers to a war crime commited before the current Lady Arcwhite was in office. This was kept secret but has now been revealed. The Serbieski Crown Jewels were apparently stolen by Arcwhite agents in the chaos surrounding the Great War and hidden in absolute secret, without the knowledge of the Reichenthal government at the time, in the secret vault. The Arcwhite agents were so thorough that they used the vault, which was a plan of the then King of Reichenthal to save many historic artifacts from destruction, to cover their own clandestine plan. The intent was to recover the Crown Jewels at an opportune time to incite unrest in the region establishing ruling powers of their own design. The discovery of the Crown Jewels earlier this year and their restoration to their native region has on the one hand afforded some proof to this claim and has also disarmed its negative power to a large degree making it possible to reveal it on this post.

This gives the general public a taste of the nature of scope of Lady Arcwhite's intent and value in choosing her risky actions. She also hopes that in playing open cards that she might gain a type of plea bargain in standing account for her involvement in the implied atrocities. 

It is rumoured that the Arcwhite government intends to sell all its shares in Arc International when the stock market opens tomorrow. In effect rendering the company bankrupt. Its ownership will then legally pass to them, leaving Lady Arcwhite penniless. The Mother of the White Veil as Head of Government  has asked that the Duke of Swann would seriously consider meeting  to negotiate terms for Lady Arcwhite's extradition and submission to an Arcwhite court in order to avoid the threat of war. The Duke of Swann has responded by saying he will submit the request to a council of the united governments of Europa. Arcwhite's closest geographical neighbours; Scotney, Britania, Normandia, Swann and Canadium, remain on high military alert for the time being.

A dark cloud is descending over Western Europa following the revelation of the Order of the White Veil's alleged involvement in many of history's most controversial and sometimes mysterious tragedies.


  1. Que interesante historia, tus post me han permitido conocer un poco mas sobre la realeza.