Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Breaking News (Arcwhite Shocking Resolution)

The Arcwhite crisis has finally come to its end albeit it a very tragic one. In the pre-dawn hours of today, satellite tracking revealed a small private jet taking off from a small airstrip in Arcwhite. The entire island falls under an international embargo blocking all travel until the fugitive Ladies of the Veil are captured and brought to justice. After failing to respond to international hails the order was given from Scotney to shoot the plane down that was by then airborne.

The Britanian Chancellor was first to release a press statement and did so on behalf of the United Europan Council of Governments. He stated that the Democratic Government of Scotney was authorized to use all necessary force to bring the airplane down.

Two Empress Class Striker Jets were scrambled from the nearest Scotney base and engaged the private jet in under 28 minutes. After several hails went ignored the jets shot the plane down over international waters. Rescue boats from Arcwhite and Scotney were already dispatched at the time the jets took off. 

Satellite tracking made the discovery of the location of the downed plane easy. There were no survivors and no real way of accounting for bodies as a flight manifesto was not filed. Eight female bodies were recovered and one male who was easily identified as the pilot due to his uniform.

It may seem like poetic justice however that the crisis came to its particular end. Proof now has been established of the Order of the Veil's direct involvement in the missile strike on Roswind Castle in 1996 where two jets were also insidiously used to spark the Bloody Revolution.

Lady Arcwhite in a press statement made immediately after the report were confirmed, declared a state of marshal law in Arcwhite submitted to the Europan Union authorities. She announced Sable Blackwood as confirmed dead and that Drealle Mormaer was discovered bound and tortured in the Spire Office Complex in the Arcwhite capital later.  Lady Arcwhite now prepares to regain her government with the help of Swanobian and Scotney officials. She will arrive in Arcwhite by tonight.

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