Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Breaking News (Baron D'Rothchild Surrenders to the Law)

  Early today the Baron D'Rothchild arrived of his own free will and handed himself over to authorities in Franconia in submission to the warrant for his arrest. His Lordship was wanted for questioning and possible prosecution for his involvement in the Arcwhite/Order of the Veil political crime case. Baron D'Rothchild was away for business in the Far East but as soon as he saw the news concerning Lady Arcwhite immediately jumped at the chance to confess. He flew by private jet to his native country of Franconia and was dropped by his limousine directly at the door of his local police station to hand himself over.

The Baron is quoted as saying he was very relieved to unburden himself of carrying these secrets for years. He also confessed to being very tired of keeping up appearances for the sake of protecting his family from the threats of the order of the Veil who reputedly was going to kill his wife if he ever confessed. The current developments has obviously freed him up to do just that. His wife never knew of his under the table dealings with the Order of the Veil and her interrogation that took place in Serbieski yesterday has exempted her from any responsibility. The Baroness is very distraught however as to her husband's well being and it will be arranged for her to see him as soon as possible.

 Baron D'Rothchild's willingness to cooperate stands him in good stead as far as his plea of innocence is concerned. His claim of supposedly being under threat of harm and death if he did not continue in cooperating with the yoke of extortion the Order of the Veil held over his family for generations has been confirmed. Apparently his uncle, Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac's lifelong illness was a genetically engineered ailment to prove the extent of the Order of the Veil's power to hurt the Baron's wife and mother. This insidious deed has been added to the list of their now proven crimes.

The press was granted this photo of the baron waiting in the interrogation room to be interviewed as far as his involvement

Stock prices in the D'Rothchild International Banking firm did drop when his involvement in the Arcwhite crisis was first revealed to the media bur have gained again today as the reports of his confession became clearer. His Lordship will remain in protective custody until his innocence is proven and also for his protection. The Baroness will be allowed to visit him at her soonest convenience.

These shocking developments is evidence of a crumbling of the Order of the Veil's integrity and hope for reprieve. More and more evidence proves their clandestine place in history and the guilt of its current members in gross crimes against humanity in furthering their own selfish agendas. This is placing growing pressure on Ladies of the Veil to surrender themselves to international law for trial and punishment. We still await their official response while the Duke of Swann is preparing to go to Arcwhite to negotiate or force their surrender if so required.

Concern for the well being of Drealle Mormaer, Lady of the Silver Cuffs, and niece of Lady Arcwhite increases as her now conspicuous absence become evident. She has not been seen at any of the Order of the Veil's press conferences nor has she made any statements. Lady Arcwhite herself has defended her innocence and is now worried that her life might be in danger as yet another victim of the Order of the Veil. 

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  1. Wow, more chilling news! I wait everyday for your further developments and this chilling tale of lies and treachery unfolds.