Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What's Up Wednesday (The Arcwhite Crisis and Final Outcome)

After the last few weeks of stress, we can finally report on the outcome of the Arcwhite crisis. Lady Arcwhite has returned to her native land triumphantly as the hero who broke the yoke of the insidiously evil Order of the Veil. The Order has been underhandedly responsible for many of Europa's most tragic disasters and even had manipulated event leading up to the Great War. Lady Arcwhite, as head of the order was set up and also manipulated as a puppet leader through threats and manipulation for years. In an attempt to save herself, her country and indeed the entire Europa, she finally took the bold risk to break with the order and expose them for who they are. It has become clear through Lady Arcwhite's testimony that the Order of the Veil was working hard and fast towards another Europan War, with the intent on toppling all monarchies and making a bid for executive power within the Council of Europan Government. A lengthy inquiry is now underway to complete exonerate her from and responsibility for any actions the Order of the Veil were involved in. 

The Duke of Swann went with Lady Arcwhite to assist in the restoration of her government and has promised the help of his own country in settling the state of emergency that has reigned in Arcwhite for the last month. The Mithrandir also sanctioned the Lady Arcwhite and the stance she took by joining her and the Duke of Swann officially in Arcwhite. His Holiness' presence lends a strong sense of stability and peace to what may have been a precarious homecoming for Lady Arcwhite. His Holiness also hopes to negotiate the return of the Church of Arcwhite back into the fold of the Europan Fraternity of Christ's Church. Drealle Mormaer, the Lady Arcwhite's niece was also a happy sight as she was held prisoner and tortured for the duration of the Arcwhite Crisis.

The four main officials at the relaxed welcoming dinner hosted in Arcwhite.

Pictured here with the Mithrandir is the recently restored Lady Arcwhite looking radiant albeit slightly subdued after the the tensions seized with the destruction of the Order of the Veil.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as a genuine threat of war was avoided and share in the new hope for a bright and prosperous Arcwhite. 


  1. YAY for Lady Arcwhite! The Mithrandir is a cool figure, I kinda like him

    1. Thank you Sergio. I'm glad you like it.