Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wonderful Weekends (Official Portraits of Queen Gloria and the Glass Throne)

Wonderful Weekends is an oasis of posting in our currently dry land of blogging. The Principality of Swann has been experiencing terrible signal strength and by extension internet connectivity problems from its national service provider since the Arcwhite Crisis which has affected Europa in many ways. Arcwhite, a major technological force in Europa with services extending from satelight, cellphones and other media, is currently stabilising and areas affected may take a while to return to normal.

So we return only now a week later after our previous post. The Normandian University for Art and Design has afforded their first year students the very unique opportunity of designing a "throne" with their Queen Gloria in mind. The project was to focus public attention on the burgeoning design talent in Normandia and to help publicize the University. Queen Gloria herself got involved by deciding to pose with the finished throne in her official portrait shoot for 2014 thus boosting media coverage to the max. The "throne", of very abstractly creative design, will never serve as an actual symbol of state but does serve the design community by creating awareness of Normandian talent. The University has auctioned the throne off to raise funds for bursaries.

Her Majesty Queen Gloria of Normandia has graciously supported the University for Art and Design by immortalising their project in this State Portrait. 

Queen Gloria chose the national colours of light blue for obvious reasons but also to compliment the throne that also included various shades of blue. 

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  1. Preciosooo a escogido ideal y las joyas son estupendasss, felicidades por el estilismo que has escogido, besosss