Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wonderful Weekends (State Portrait Hanoveria)

As is my habit on a Sunday, we will all share in a State Portrait. For some reason I find these very pleasing and inspiring. It is the quintessential, "capturing" of Royalty. I love looking at these images of Royalty and to be inspired by them, to greatness within myself.

In 2011 for their first wedding anniversary Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke George III of Hanoveria and Grand Duchess Alice released this official State Portrait. 

The Hanoverian monarchy, although still reigning, is a more casual affair. They do in reality exercise great power, can show forth magnificent splendour and their Royal heritage is steeped in authentic historic legitimacy but the Grand Duke is an unassuming, straight forward man. His wife hails from a great Noble House with excessive wealth at their disposal and she can carry off the greatest style and huge jewellery but to her, it is duty before pleasure. In the portrait we see them both wearing the ancient Order of the Polar Star with its golden sash. The Grand Duke wears the chain of his monarchical office and stands behind the pedestal upon which rests the Crown of Hanoveria. The Grand Duchess wears the official jewellery, reserved for the Grand Duchess as Consort. The tiara serves at the "crown" of the wife of the ruler and the necklace is meant, in splendour and size to exemplify her rank as the first lady of the country. Amidst  all the official state aspects of this portrait, the subtle casualness of a plain suit and absence of Royal Crests, can be appreciated as the aforementioned unassuming atmosphere which characterizes this particular ruling couple.


  1. Wow!! What a great pictures. I love you royal them. I'm sitting her now catching up and it been great. That is a awesome crown, did you make it? You already know the jewels are to die for.

    1. Hi Brini. Thanks for the compliment. Yes I did make the crown and made 98% of all the jewellery on my blog.