Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Live Feed Normandian Royal Wedding Reception)

Finally after just over a year, the wedding of Queen Gloria and Count Szanguscko, now Prince of Northwold, has arrived. Last week preceding the wedding day, Queen Gloria in a private ceremony at  Isrik Palace, elevated her fiance officially from the Nobility to Royalty. His brother has thus taken up the title of the Count Szanguscko. 

Today's post is to be truly unique. It will start, first with this short message and then will follow with live updates starting at 13:00 hours. The live feed of photos will be posted as they are released, progressing for about an hour. Queen Gloria of Normandia and her Royal guests have allowed this short access to media photographers as they arrive for the lunch reception. The religious ceremony will remain completely sacred, private and not photographed but the reception will allow the world to share in this most significant event. We wait with abated breath for the photo feed to start. Remember to join us at one o' clock. 

After a 10 minute processional drive from Isrik Palace, the Royal Motorcade arrived to tumultuous applause at North Church Chapel in Normandia's capital at 12:00. After the sacred ceremony, expected to last only 40minutes the Queen and her new husband will leave in a full 30 minute State Procession back to Isrik Palace in the State Carriage. Then from there they will leave by car 20minutes later to Szanguscko Hall just outside the capital for the reception. We can expect the photo feed of the guests to commence from around 1:00 and the Bridal Couple should arrive within half an hour from then.

The Royal Carriage has just arrived at the Church to collect the Royal Couple for the procession. The service is expected to finish in about 20minutes from now. 

Due to the sacredness of wedding ceremonies in the Kingdom of Normandia, all photography of the actual Royal Couple and their guests are banned until the reception. However shots that do not portray Royalty directly can be posted. 

The wedding ceremony now complete, the bride and groom leave the Church to a fanfare of trumpets and applause. Their guests will leave directly to the reception venue in a massive motorcade. 

The Royal Carriage Procession leaves the North Church Chapel on its way back to Isrik Palace through the streets decorated with the Royal Crest. A 60 gun salute was offered as the carriage began its journey. We are in absolute anticipation to see the Bride's dress, designed by Madame Frumsetta. It seems that it would have been better to be in the physical crowd as they already got to see it. Cell phone network coverage over the city has been blocked for two hours to bar images of the Queen being published before she reaches the reception.

As the Queen and Prince Reggius complete their procession back to the Palace, their guests are on their way by massive motorcade, to Szanguscko Hall. It is an slightly overcast day with patches clearing. Let's see how the weather goes over the next few minutes.

As the sky clears, almost miraculously, the first guests alight from their limousine. The dress code for the wedding is formal spring wear with tiaras.

The Margravine of Montrose (at right) who shuns the public eye to such a degree that she declined to attend Queen Gloria's Investiture makes a rare public appearance at today's wedding. As a mediatized Normandian Noble Woman it is fitting for her to attend. She is joined by a fellow Noble descended from Normandian Aristocracy, Baroness Eva Klariowna.

Representing the Royal House of Romagna, we have Princess Donatella, Duchess Di Giorgio. She is joined by the Franconian representative, The Prince D' Pont Du Lac. This is the Princess' first official Royal event since she discovered her heritage earlier in the year. She was promptly invited to attend by Queen Gloria in order to consolidate the wave of Royal awareness that has escalated in the last year.

The King and Queen of Syldavia. Queen Maxima wears a stunning Peach Pink Cocktail dress and is complimented in a daring fashion by her husband in Pink.

Representing the former Ruskian Empire is their d'jour Empress, the Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna (at right) joined by the wife of the Prince Youssopoff, Princess Kirsten.

A gust of wind makes life difficult for the Grand Duchess of Hanoveria (at left). She is joined by The Princess Xenia Draculesti of Wallachia.

Her Majesty Queen Maria I of Hispania looking amazing in glitzy black and wearing the Grey Pearl and Diamond parure from the Hispanian Collection.

The Duke of Swann accompanies his aunt, Empress Crystobel who wears the unbelievable Ruskian Sapphires.

The Crown Prince Imperial couple from the former Empire of Scot-Britania.

All the guests have arrived and it is reported that the motorcade carrying the newlyweds has arrived at Szanguscko Hall.

The new Count Szanguscko and Prince Reggius' best man arrives to announce the Bridal Party who are typically a bit late.

Queen Gloria is attended by her cousin the Duchess of Roswind and her new sister in law, Countess Mercedes Szanguscko.

The Switzer Brocade double breasted coat dress is complimented by the Edwardian top hat. The Queen wears Aquamarine earrings and a brooch to pick up the National Colours also reflected in the lining of her outfit.
Countess Mercedes Szanguscko (at left )and the Duchess of Roswind in matching bride's maids dresses.

The Bridal Party.

The full assembly of Royal guests.

After the press photo session the guests moved on to enjoy their private reception lunch.

What an amazing and exciting day. I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as we did. We wish Queen Gloria and Prince Reggius all the best.

We can expect an official release of wedding State Portraits before the week is out. Please also use the labels at the end of each blog post, the label tags on the right  and the archive column on the right to navigate to other related blog posts.


  1. I will be here at one o clock :)

  2. I really enjoyed the story and all of the pictures. Your jewels look great with her dress. I've always liked that dress, but I don't think I've added it yet. This may inspire me to finish the reception today. Let's hope so.

  3. Here I am again! I'm glad that you shared this with us. Ruskian Sapphires mesmerize me: wonderful!!

  4. Hello from Spain: I notice that is a royal wedding and you should apply all the necessary protocol. I like you going to publish the arrival of guests and so we do not miss any detail of the styles. I love watching the royal wedding. You're right that the Queen Maxima wears a high peach pink cocktail dress stunning. Keep in touch.

  5. Oh my...! It was so exciting to meet all they nobility I have heard so much about in such a short time! What a stunning wedding... so much class... so elegant
    At first I felt a tad out of place... but within a couple of hours I felt right at home, thanks to the Prince D'Pont Du Lac who was kind enough to fill me in on who was who, telling me delightful stories about many of the guests - stories I am not at liberty to share here of course.
    I was overwhelmed by the elegance of each guest... especially the ladies with their jewels. They wore their tiaras with such confidence and ease, while I was terrified mine would fall off at the slightest turn of my head or at the gusts of wind that threatened to blow the delicate napkins off the lusciously decorated refreshment tables.
    There was a rather hilarious incident that saw the Margravine of Montrose's left earring fly into Empress Crystobel champagne glass just as she was about to take a sip!
    Also, fortunately unnoticed by many, there was a distressing moment when the groom accidently tripped over his wife’s dress, taking himself and the Duchess of Roswind for a tumble in the bushes behind them! Thank goodness no photographer was focusing on them at that particular time! No damage or injury ensued and the reception continued.

    Oh my! I bush at the awkward moment I forgot the name and title of a beautiful couple that I was introduced to moments earlier, but gallantly, the Prince D’ Pont Du Lac came to the rescue by whispering in my ear the names and titles of the couple I was addressing.

    The food was delicious… even though half the time I didn’t know what I was eating!
    I am looking forward to the next event I will be invited to… hopefully wearing the new jewels that was promised me!

    And of course, the highlight of the event for me, was when I was introduced to the empress Crystobel. She is stunningly beautiful but seems to be completely unaware of her beauty and charm... certainly my favourite! As for the Duke of Swann... I was blown away by his charismatic attributes and silent elegance... and I am sure I got a glimpse of him glancing at me from time to time. Or perhaps it was just my imagination ;-)!

    1. It was our pleasure to have you at the wedding Princess Donatella. You looked stunning. I think you should come for tea at Duke's Court Palace.

    2. Tea...??? YES!!!!
      Ehmm...I mean... I will need to consult my diary before I accept your invitation, Duke of Swann...

  6. Thank you everybody for your kind comments. I am so glad you enjoyed this post.