Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Syldavian State Portraits)

First up in this exciting week of resumed posting, as far as current event are concerned are the official State Portraits and Stamps released in Syldavia to commemorate the recent Investiture. 

The National State Portrait for 2012.

Her Majesty Queen Maxima, Queen Consort of Syldavia.

His Majesty King Nikolas III of Syldavia, Long May He Reign.

The two official 50cent stamps released today. 

In other current news, we have just received our invitation to the next event on the season's calender of official functions. The long awaited wedding of Queen Gloria of Normandia is finally going to happen in a week's time. We are informed that the religious ceremony will be private with no media coverage allowed but free photography will be allowed to the press in a special photo session preceding the garden reception at the Szanguscko's private residence. 

The invitation shows the fact that Count Reggius has been appropriately raised to the level of Royal Prince by the Queen. This normally takes place by Royal decree shortly before a wedding of a lower ranking male to a sovereign Queen or female heir presumptive. The former Count will also then pass his own title to the next in line which in this case will be his brother, Franz who will then be known as His Excellency the Count Szangusko. For your information, "Comptroller" is not misspelled, it is the proper designation of the person in charge of a Royal Household. 


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    1. Thanks Sergio. There are some more that I designed in some of my earlier posts. As soon as I have the confidence, I will adjust my blog from the "Simple" template to the "Dynamic" template. Then I will have the tag option and it will be easier to navigate through my blog based on specific topics, like Tiaras or Stamps or a particular character.

  2. Hello from Spain: I love the stamps and Queen Maxima. The clothes and jewelryare beautiful. A great job with the invitation ... Congratulations for the work so detailed. Keep in touch