Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Most Wonderful Weekend (Communications Restored after EMP Attack)

Reporting for the first time in two weeks! I am so glad to be back. It feels like I have been trapped in a time-warp for decades. It is my pleasure to say that we have set up an auxiliary media processing and broadcasting facility. This will be permanantly operating as usual until we have completed final repairs. The EMP charge set off in the Swann Capital did far worse damage than at first assessed and obviously far more than just broaqdcasting was affected. Amidst all the chaos, normal procedures had to also continue and this delayed what was thought would only take a few days to get back on line. The economy and communications was terribly damaged by this attack and efforts spent at first on repairs will now for the first time be focussed more on finding the culprits behind the event.

The Duke of Swann (me) earlier today in the parking garage of the Media Broadcasting Building in the Swann Capital. He is talking to the Military commander of the special security detachment protecting the building since the attack. 

I also visited the Seeress of Muren (unofficially) last week to gain some counsel and inspiration for dealing with the attack. Her advice as a good friend and loyal supporter of the Principality is always an encouragement. 

We are pleased to say at least Royal events in other countries have continued unabated and reporting on these events will continue, now hopefully as normal. Even though our cameras were completely fried by the EMP, feeds of photographs from various events have begun downloading since connection was reestablished only a few hours ago. The state of emergency was lifted off the Principality of Swann officially at 12 o clock today and normal economic and other practices have finally resumed their usual pace. The military will now place full attention on investigating the matter further, starting with the vagrants who set off the device two weeks ago. Believe me, we will follow this rabbit down the hole all the way to the Queen of Hearts’ petticoat but the guilty parties will be found and held accountable. 


  1. I'm glad that everything is ok :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. It's good to be back.