Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 28 May 2012

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Youssopoff Collection)

Yay! Its Tuesday again, my favourite. If only time didn't fly like this it would be amazing but keeping up with the times is like a speeding roller coaster. Wheeeeeeee! In any case, we here at the Principality are not going crazy, we have been crazy all along. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Ok, just kidding, back to jewellery, my favourite topic and today we will discuss the fabulous jewellery of Princess Kirsten Youssopoff. 

Her Royal Highness the Princess Youssopoff, as we know is a sister of the Grand Duke of Hanoveria. In this capacity as a high ranking Royal by birth, Princess Kirsten took with her upon her wedding to the Prince Felix Youssopoff a dowry of jewellery. This included a full parure made of diamonds and lilac amethysts. 

The Princess Kirsten Amethyst Parure

As per Hanoverian tradition, a daughter of the House of Hanoveria is honoured upon her 18th birthday with the addition of a set of jewellery to the Hanoverian collection. This is not made in particular for her but rather leaves room for her choice to be made to take a dowry of jewellery upon her marriage. When Princess Kirten wed Prince Felix, she chose the Hanoverian Amethysts as her dowry and now it has become part of the vast Youssopoff treasure. 

Here the Princess wears the parure in 2010, before her marriage. 

Now, let us list the jewellery that already lay waiting in the Youssopoff vaults before Princess Kirsten gained access. The Youssopoff jewellery collection is truly large and in keeping with their wealth. Not many Royals except for perhaps the likes of the Imperial Family of Scot-Britania could exceed them, nor could any but the Hispanian Royal Collection and Queen Gloria hold a candle to the Youssopoffs. 

Art Deco Style Amethyst Parure.

This set of jewellery is made in the Art Deco Style with A-symmetrical necklace and tapered baguette cut Amethyst earrings. It dates from the 1920's and as such was probably made for the current Prince's great grandmother. 

Here the Princess (far right) is seen wearing the parure to the 2011 Christmas Ball. She also wore the tiara and earrings to the wedding of Queen Gloria last week. 

The Youssopoff Sapphires

The sapphires in this tiara and necklace are of exceptional quality and were mined from the Youssopoff private mine in the Ruskian Siber Wasteland. The mines there are world famous for their quality stones but were closed after the Great War by the then Communist Government. Since the fall of Communism the mines were reopened and special rights were allocated to Prince Felix to manage the mines under a government Trust for the Nation of Ruskiana. 

Princess Kirsten wore the Sapphires to the Syldavian Investiture this year. The Earrings however are very large marquis cut diamonds that are rumored to be a part of another Youssopof f demi-parure. Not much is known nor does any other photo reference exists of this demi-parure at this stage except for historical  rumors surrounding a marquis cut diamond set of jewellery.

The Youssopof Aquamarines

This set predates the 1920's and is made in the more traditional Ruskian Kokoshnik style with a Franconian feel. The tiara is complimented by a high neck choker to increase the formal presence of the jewellery. The Ruskian court was extremely formal at its height just before the Great War and its fall. 

The wearing of this tiara along with matching brand new earrings tipped the world media off to the seriousness of the relationship between Prince Felix and Princess Kirsten. She was seen wearing it on the arm of the Prince to the Pariseum Opera, before their engagement was even announced. It shows how jewellery can convey a very strong message to the trained eye. She hasn't worn it since. 

The Youssopoff Diamond Kokoshnik and Earrings

This basic Kokoshnik has been part of the Youssopoff collection for at least 200 years. Kokoshniks like these were so common in the Ruskian heyday that each Royal and Noble lady probably had one if not two. The classic simple design however makes it easy to wear and just as easily matched to the most contemporary of fashions. We will see Princess Kirsten wear this very often. 

Here the tiara is very successfully paired with a very sleek and modern outfit to a Pariseum Fashion Show and Banquet. 

The Comet Parure

This set, also dating from the 1920's, is by now the most famous and probably the most spectacular in the Youssopoff  collection. It is revolutionary in its design, glitzy yet strangely understated and its unique look makes it such that only some can pull it off successfully. Princess Kirsten definitely did so at Queen Gloria's Investiture in 2011. 

It is known that the Youssopoff family jewels exceeds that which has been discussed here but we will have to wait until they are worn by our style diva, Princess Kirsten. Some haven't been seen since before the Great War much less the 96 Revolution and some might even have been sold. There is also the fact that the Youssopoff wealth is vast and that Prince Felix might also spoil his wife with the occasional new gift. I am sure the new light shining upon our Royals will afford many an opportunity for the old jewels to come out of their dusty vaults and for the new to shine for the first time on the red carpet. We wait in anticipation.


  1. The comet parure is wonderful!!!

  2. Those sets are wonderful. Initially I chose The Youssopoff Sapphires, as my favorite, but then I really liked just about all of them after that just as much.

  3. Hello from Spain: The Comet Parure is wonderful. In the photo of the PrincessKirsten wore Sapphires to the Investiture Syldavian This Year they are very elegant. Keep in touch.