Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Breaking News (EMP Attack on Swann)

The Syldavian Investiture is commencing in triumph in Syldav City. However an EMP device was detonated in the Principality of Swann early this morning. Several youths were arrested and national security was declared at Code Red level. The initial assumption was that the youths were just vagrants but investigations of the device soon proved a direct attack was launched. The attack it seems was not aimed at the Principality of Swann but rather at the news media, preparing to syndicate the events in Syldavia.

Swann leads the world in news reporting and the EMP charge blew all electronic and digital equipment in and around the capital city of Swann where all the broadcasts and this blog is broadcast from. We are running this feed from an emergency military installation outside the capital.  It has come to light that what seems to be a Syldavian dissident group paid the vagrants to set the device off in this very specific location. All eyes and security in Europa was focused on Syldavia today and security elsewhere, even in the Principality was seemingly far too relaxed. The attack was very strategic, not harming any person or not being an actual assault on a sovereign state but sends a clear anti-monarchic message. Investigations are still trying to discover what dissident group was behind the EMP assault.

We hope to get the Principality and this blog back "on line" within the next week and will attempt to blog as much as possible from the military installation. This might however be the only post until all is repaired. The events in Syldavia are expected to go on but the official report on it will be delayed. besides, the Investiture deserves a proper post and should not be squeezed in haphazardly.

We thank you for your constant support.

On behalf of HRH the Duke of Swann.
Lord Clemence, Minister of Interior affairs.


  1. I'm sorry for what happened, I hope that things will be resolved soon and that everything is fine

  2. Wow, I am glad that everyone is okay! Hope there aren't any more attacks coming.

  3. Hello from Spain: often scary! I hope that the attack is not repeated. I like the actual statement. A very institutional entry. Keep in touch