Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 21 May 2012

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Swann Rubies)

Time is flying, which is the oldest cliche in the book. Yet here we are again on my favourite day of the week, set aside for my favourite topic, tiaras. We are still continuing with rubies and I thought we could then move on for next week's installment. Perhaps if some comments could suggest what stone you would like to discuss or perhaps a particular character or country could be focused on. 

I thought it would be nice to discuss the only crown in the world entirely set with rubies and diamonds and then to use that as the premise for also discussing a tiara/parure. 

The Royal Crown of the Principality of Swann.

This crown is in principle, a circlet. In other words it is a circular band that is worn around the top of the head with undulating  heraldic symbols but without the customary arches crossing over the top of crown's reserved for Emperor's Kings and occasionally Grand Dukes. The only heraldic symbol found on the crown is the cross. It is made from platinum and set with rubies diamonds and pearls. The fact that it is made from platinum substantiates its young age. The crown was made in the late fifties when the former Duchy of Swann became a semi-autonomous vassal state of Scotney but was never intended to be worn. As such it was used merely as a symbol of  the new "Principality of Swann". When Swann became entirely independent after the 96 Revolution the crown became a focus of national identity and pride and was used in a full coronation for the first time in 1998 to crown the current Duke of Swann. 

It was displayed at this years celebration in honour of the Duke of Swann's 15th anniversary on the throne. It is also often seen in State Portraits.

The jewellery collection of the Swanobian Royal Family is one of the largest in Europa and contains some valuable rubies. Since the passing of Princess Elizabeth, the Duke's mother, many of the pieces have languished, unworn in the vaults below Duke's Court Palace. The current Duke's sister is also often away in Africana on Charity projects which narrows the opportunities to see the famous Swanobian treasures in public. 

The Ruskian Ruby Tiara.

This piece forms part of a parure consisting of the tiara, a necklace, earrings and a brooch. It is made in a traditional Ruskian style, called a Kokoshnik. It was made to order for Princess Rose, the Duchess of Swann and the grandmother of the current Duke. Since the set was last worn before the 96 Revolution, no photo record exist except this jeweler's archive photo taken during a routine maintenance check in 2007. Perhaps for this blog I could fish out the parure from the vault and take a fresh photo inclusive of all the pieces. Please comment if you would like that, then I will post on it forthwith.


  1. Very beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. Hello from Spain: Royal Crown Principality of Swann is very real. The ruby tiaralooks majestic. I like the image of Duke in the 15 th anniversary of Swann on the throne. A very elaborate entrance. Keep in touch.

  3. Thank you guys for the compliments. Tomorrow's wedding promises to be very exciting.

  4. I just adore this! Well done!! Can't wait for the tomorrow's wedding!!