Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Most Wonderful Weekend (The Syldavian Investiture)

Why wait till What's Up Wednesday?  We have some catching up to do. I am not going to let the technological setback of the last two weeks dampen the glory of Royalty. 

The photo feed download for the Syldavian Investiture Ceremony has just been completed. Publishing them is my Royal response to that puny attack on Swanobian Royal Sovereignty and Royalty in general. You hit us with an EMP and it is my pleasure to hit back with a Royal extravaganza last seen in the days of the empire. Here follows the report in the form of photos and commentaries of the Syldavian Investiture. 

Her Royal Highness Infanta Isabella wearing emerald jewellery, arrives representing the Kingdom of Hispania. Remember that a crowned monarch cannot attend the Coronation or Investiture of another monarch as nobody is allowed to outrank the person being officiated at these events. 

The Franconian contingent representing the deposed King of Franconia. To the left the Pretender's sister, Princess Antoinette D'Pont du Lac and to the right his aunt Princess Ann-Marie, Dowager Baroness D'Rothchild.

Representing the Principality of Wallachia and his wife the ruling Princess, His Excellency, the Baron of Bagrazia.

The Prince and Princess Youssopoff represent the old Empire of Ruskiana. Princess Kirsten takes great joy in wearing the spectacular Youssopoff sapphires.

The Kingdom of Normandia was represented by the reigning Queen's cousin and fiance, Her Grace, the Duchess of Roswind wearing regal platinum and diamond jewellery and His Excellency Count Reggius Szancuscko. Queen Gloria of Normandia's wedding to the Count is set to be the next major Royal event. 

The reigning Grand Duke of Hanoveria sent his wife, Grand Duchess Alice and his mother, Princess Beatrice to represent him at the Investiture.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann with her nephew the Hereditary Duke of Swann, Prince Dillon.

Princess Augusta from the United Empire of Scot-Britania.

Also from the deposed Imperial Family of the United Empire of Scot-Britania, the Crown Princess Imperial representing her husband and Pretender to the Empire, the Crown Prince Imperial, Christian Victor. This concludes the list of foreign Royals who attended the Investiture.

From the new Kingdom of Syldavia we have the now, Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski in the front left. They represented the entire Syldavian Nobility as the highest ranking Nobles. The Syldavian Nobility are going to be restored systematically and as a result they cannot assume their titles or attend official functions until the process is complete. To the Grand Duke's left we have the King of Syldavia's sister, Princess Miranda followed by their younger brother, Prince Valdemar, Count von Bismarck.

After all the dignitaries arrived, with trumpet fanfare, the new King Nikolas and his wife arrived in full regalia at St. Ottokar Cathedral. The King wore the traditional golden Mantle of the Kings of Syldavia and the Queen wore a new white gown with regal train by the designer, Madame Frumsetta. She also wore the medieval tiara as tradition dictates and added the new jewellery gifted by the people of Syldavia. As they processed down the aisle, the roar of the people outside, viewing the proceedings on big screen could be heard.  

With the crowns now placed in their ceremonial place, the King and Queen prepare for the Enthronement and Swearing of the Oath ceremony. This part of the religious service is considered so austere that photography was not allowed.

The Royal Family of Syldavia immediately after the religious ceremony. 

The full assembly at the Investiture Ceremony.

In the Principality of Swann, as we know, dissidents protesting the Royal restoration attempted to foil media coverage of the events by setting off a military weapon called and EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse which nullifies all electronic equipment within its range. This however did not halt published media like the Mine Magazine.

The Swann newspaper The Proclaimer, along with other newspapers had a field day in the Investiture week. 

Long live King Nikolas III!

It has been my pleasure to report on this most auspicious event. Now we will hopefully continue posting as normal and we hope that our dignified perseverance stands as a testimony of Royal values and resolve. This dignity is available to anybody who would choose to apply the necessary discipline regardless of social standing. 

"Beauty, will save the world." - Tolstoievski


  1. Okay, I have no words. This is absolutely breathtaking, I adore each crown and jewel, and I love how the artistic rendering of the cathedral goes with the formality of the event. What's funny about finding this at the time I did, is that I am watching a three-part documentary about the royal jewels (on youtube). So I really can appreciate this more, now that I know what I know about royal jewels!
    Truly amazing.

    1. So glad you like it. It gives me great pleasure to make the jewels and to do this blog. When people appreciate it, it makes it even better. You will find tons more as you explore the blog further. Follow the labels on the side. :D

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