Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Official Portrait Duchess Di Giorgio)

It has been such a great and busy week and there was even time for some dancing on Friday night. 

Well, I will end this great week with my customary State Portrait although this isn't a actual "State" Portrait but would have been if Romagna was still a Kingdom. Princess Donatella the Duchess Di Giorgio, had special portraits taken to celebrate her inheritance of her title in a bold move. She decided to stand up against her country's ban on her heritage and has granted special publishing rights to the media of her story and the photos, proclaiming her Royal history. She has not been arrested or reprimanded and the President of Romagna is seemingly not against her actions. Let's hope for the best. Princess Donatella will certainly be a great ambassador for her country if her conduct at Queen Gloria's wedding sets a standard. 

Here we can now enjoy the new Princess in full glory.

They look amazing. 


  1. Wow... is that little me...?
    There are some dreams that really come true1
    As a little girl, attending a quiet and modest private school, surrounded by mediocre middle class girls who excelled in sports like tennis, hockey and netball, I was always the outcast, because my day dreaming and love of fairy tales books of princes and princesses, always caused me to lag behind the more physical activities and games. The library was my favourite hide-out.
    The debating team held me captive for a while, till I realized that honesty was not one of its major points. The aim was to win the debates at all costs, and that included lies and outright manipulations of the truth - at the expense of integrity and transparency. So I left...

    I knew there was something different about me, I searched for whatever it was deep within me... never having the courage to step out of my ordinary daily life, to find out more.
    I was too afraid of ridicule and derision, so I kept my dreams to my self...

    actually the past few weeks have been very much like a dream: my newly found heritage and birthright. I wake up in the morning still having to tell myself that I am not dreaming anymore... that this is reality. Or is it...?
    How has my life changed...?

    And I will never forget the day I received that phone call that would change my life for ever...

  2. It's amazing how her tiara shine!! Love it!!

  3. Which Barbie is this? I know I have her in my stash, but I'm drawing a blank. She looks good in pink and the jewels are lovely as usual.

    1. Hi Vanessa. This is a Barbie Basic from the second series in jeans.

    2. That's what I thought. I have her, but I was going to put her up for sale. I may keep her now. She looks good here.

  4. Thanks for the compliments everybody. This doll actually belongs to my friend Donatella. She sponsors the character of Princess Donatella the Duchess Di Giorgio. I make the jewellery on order, write the character profile and supply the jewellery. Her character is then invited to the Royal events and now Donatella has taken full responsibility for her own story and interaction.