Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (The Duchess Di Giorgio)

Earlier this year a young woman from the country of Romagna was invited for an Espresso by her grandmother.  They met up at their favourite cafe in the city of Milaine where Donatella thought she would spend another happy moment with her "Nunu". However, her grandmother had a very serious discussion planned.

After the regular pleasantries and catching up with family gossip Donatella was confronted by her grandmother locking eyes with her and the question; "Do you remember your crazy uncle Emanuel?" Memories flooded her mind as she recalled how her uncle was taken away in an ambulance while shouting: "I am the King! You will pay for this!" She had almost completely forgotten the incident and soon after was sent to a Pariseum boarding school, where she spent most of her time before reaching adulthood. But there and then, over a cup of espresso, Donatella's life was to change forever. 

She listened like a child being told a fairy tale, drawn into the deep recesses of her family history and her grandmother's familiar voice was all that soothed the final shock. Her uncle wasn't mad as was the intended ruse which always ended in a hushed dismissal of the family scandal. Uncle Emanuel's grandfather, Donatella's great grandfather was the last Crown Prince of the old Kingdom of Romagna. After losing the Great War the monarchy in Romagna was abolished, along with the fascist government it supported. The family wasn't exiled but rather stripped of their wealth and titles and given secret asylum if they willingly gave up the right to ever mention their true identities or any rights to reclaim the throne. They did and one generation later, all was forgotten as the former Royal family "disappeared" from history and raised their children as normal citizens. The crazy uncle somehow came on the truth and broke the silence but was "taken care of" by government officials posing as psychiatric doctors. Emanuel had no children and if normal succession laws are followed, the Royal line of Romagna passed to his younger brother, Donatella's father and then to her. The conversation stopped, while the romantic traffic noises of Milaine gently drew Donatella back to the real world. It must have felt, in weight of responsibility, much the same as any other Prince being told he would actually rule a country. History is everybody's responsibility and Donatella had to face hers.

The NOW tabloid made record sales for reporting the speculations in March as to what Donatella's future was to be.

Her grandmother chose to break the silence just like her mother in law did when she told her. They did it in secret and were sworn to silence but times have changed and Donatella was going to hear more than just the fairy tale of titles. Her great grandfather passed on verbally, the codes to a vault in a Switzer Bank where money was left for his eventual heir when the climate was right to tell the world of the secret Royal Family of Romagna. Thanks to recent world events and two monarchies being restored, Princess Nina of Romagna, technically the Dowager Queen of Romagna decided to pass the story, responsibility and the codes to her 35 year old granddaughter. Donatella will now launch her family onto the International stage. She has engaged the best lawyers to challenge the laws in Romagna relegating her family nameless like orphans without a past. "A restorartion of the monarchy is not as important as knowing who you are and being who you are.", the Princess was quoted to say in a press conference held at the Switzer Bank on the day earlier this year when she went to claim ownership of her inheritance. It seems she has nothing more than a moral agenda as can be expected from a well brought up young woman who has never gotten anything for free in her life. She knows that this "crown" didn't fall in her lap to serve vanity but that if she wears it humbly, it will serve the entire world. 

Also in the vault was the remainder of the Romagna Royal Jewels. Among which this tiara in diamonds with matching choker is complimented by Imperial Topaz earrings and a brooch.

The Duchess Di Giorgio, mindful of the jewellery's historic value had them appraised and repaired for use, by the famous Royal Jeweller and Antique Dealer, Princess Augusta. 

Here the Duchess tries the fit of the newly restored antique choker dating from the 1800's along with its matching tiara.

Duchess Di Giorgio then set about to have an official photo taken to commemorate her new found Royal status. She is proud of her heritage and has become a crusader for the lost Royal history of her country. She hopes that this portrait will spark new interest and publicity in her story. Here she is seen with Princess Augusta and Madame Frumsetta to discuss her entire look that is to match the historic jewels.

Madame Frumsetta suggests the incorporation of a fur stole, made from the finest quality "fake" fur in order to be eco-friendly. 

One step closer to transforming this city-girl into looking like the princess she really is.

A dress was bought at auction and entirely refurbished by the talented Madame Frumsetta. This choice was made for two reasons; to use a dress that once belonged to a historic Royal figure and to save money. The salmon pink calf length dress once belonged to Empress Crystobel and was sold at auction to raise money for a children's feeding scheme in Africana. So even the money wasn't wasted. We see in the picture, Princess Augusta comparing the Pink Topaz brooch to the shade of the dress. 

So we have a new Royal on the block. We look forward to seeing Her Royal Highness, the Princess Donatella, Duchess Di Giorgio, Countess Corvi, strutting her stuff on the world stage. To see the result of her portrait we will have to wait until it is released in the press which will probably end up being posted in one of my "Sunday Portrait Regulars".  She is apparently also invited to the wedding of Queen Gloria next week so excitement will no doubt be high for her and her fans alike. 


  1. :-)
    I am humbled by my grandmother revelation of my true birth heritage. I have lived my life with the stigma of having ancestors that suffered from 'delusions of grandeur'... thus attempting to live a life of discretion with a non-assuming life style.
    I remember my uncle being a very wise man and I was puzzled by his claims to royalty... when I was very little I did believe in his 'fairy tales'... but as I grew up I dismissed them as being part of a somewhat disfunctional family's background.
    I always knew there was something missing in my life, never really feeling fulfilled in whatever I did. Now I feel honored to carry this responsibility and I will no doubt try my best to live up to my title.
    I know very little about my family heritage and look forward to learning more and assuming whatever else goes with my newly found identity.
    I am overwhelmed by all this right now... and will have to take it one step at a time, relying on my kind grandmother for guidance.

    I am looking forward to participating in Queen Gloria's wedding... a bit anxious, yes... but excited too!

    1. Thank you for your comment Your Royal Highness. We also look forward to sharing this journey with you.

  2. I love this post!! Awesome story, I think that's everybody's dream to discover of having royal origin and claim them to transform their normal life

  3. Your stories are awsome and the jewelry is divine! Cant waite to see more!

  4. Thanks again for the compliment. Please take the time to scan through my blog archive as the story gets very detailed and reading all my post will add to the gaining the full experience. I would also like people's constructive criticism of the blog on whether my writing style is easy enough to read and whether the photos are good enough etc. Your comments are valued.

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