Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 30 March 2012

Official Royal Statement

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann has released the following statement:

"The weekends are a great time to reflect. I'd like to thank everybody who has taken the time to experience my blog. I  LOVE blogging. It is my absolute pleasure to write the stories, take the pictures and to oversee the small hidden details that over time everybody will appreciate. Please note that the blog is not just about, dolls and jewellery but it is essentially a story that will unfold over time. For my fans, try not to skip any posts but check the archive and see if you've missed a post. 

I'm blown away by how many hits the blog has had in its first 12days. I hope it continues to grow, so please share it with whoever you think might enjoy it, especially mother's with young daughters. As the stories develop it could serve as a great mom-daughter time to spend 15mins a day, reading the "next episode" in this continuing fairy tale. My first Memory Monday post on 19 March has had 50 hits to date and as such is my second most popular post. This week's What's Up Wednesday with 51 hits to date has thus been the most popular. I don't know why but it seems you guys like the "events" aspect, whether historic or current, the most. I find that very interesting but I suppose it's because that establishes the main course of the so-called fairy story.

So please enjoy and remember your comments are greatly appreciated. I would really enjoy to get feedback on your favourite characters and jewellery or what events you like most and why. 

Looking forward to keeping you entertained."


  1. Empress Crystobel is my favourite! She has it all... beauty, elegance, charm, love and wisdom!