Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 22 March 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Baroness Klariowna)

We need to know who everybody is, don't we? So once a week I will profile one of our famous Royal personages. There are many members of many families, Royal and Noble. It will take a very long time to get to know each one, their individual titles and how they fit into the big picture. This obviously makes for a great story on a grand scale.

Baroness Eva Klariowna
Above "the Baroness" in performance.

As the curtain rises you are confronted with a smoky stage and glitz sequins background. The orchestra begins its dramatic intro and from the roof descends with angelic voice, the Baroness. The show has begun. It is the Big Apple’s theatre district and the show is a Cabaret Musical written especially for the exceptionally talented Eva Klariowna, or rather to use full courtesy, Her Ladyship Baroness Eva Josepha Renata Klariowna of Normandia.

The Klariowna baronial family emigrated from Normandia in 1967. Impoverished by war the family needed a new beginning and found the opportunity in the free states of Americania. The young Baron, an ex-army officer was also a skilled engineer and the building industry afforded him amazing prospects. The emigration process officially stripped the family of their titles on all registration documents but by international law former title holders can still be addressed as such out of courtesy. Eva was born in the Big Apple on the 8th August 1979 and grew up as a normal girl in a middle class family. Her musical talent was first spotted by a school teacher who proceeded to give her the leading role in the school play. She excelled in the performance and continued to pursue it from then on. She took part in children’s roles in great musicals and by the age of 18 had performed in Cats and also in Hollywood productions.

At this stage the Bloody Revolution of 1996 was raging across Europa. It was only then that Eva discovered that her family was of the nobility. Her father had kept it secret to afford her a normal upbringing. Eva fell into a semi depression knowing how many were being killed for just having a title while she was sitting high and dry in a foreign country. She proceeded to produce an album of original songs inspired by traditional Europan folk themes and pledged all proceeds to families affected by the revolution. The project was endorsed by another Americanian Royal émigré, Lady Karen Van der Bilt, who remained her official patron and business sponsor until her death in 2011. Currently The Van der Bilt Corporation still manages Eva’s growing talent and she counts amongst her fans, the Van der Bilt descended Queen Gloria I, of the recently restored monarchy in the Kingdom of Normandia.

Queen Gloria has offered the Baroness full citizenship and restored titles but Eva feels that she can still serve her calling best by remaining an Americanian. The door to return to Normandia however remains open. One day the Baroness might leave the stage and live in a castle but for today the “show must go on.”

Baroness Eva attended the 2011 Year-End Christmas Ball held in the Grand Duchy of Hanoveria. Here she is seen wearing what's left of the Klariowna diamonds.

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