Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

General Gratitude and Invitation

His Royal Highness, the Prince Daniel, Duke of Swann hereby declares his most endearing thanks to all those who have taken the time to view his blog. He hopes that it is enjoyed and that it inspires a pursuit of beauty and aspiration towards glorious mindsets. Through this we can manifest a "nicer" world for those around us and then ourselves. In the words of Dostoievski; "La beaute sauvera le monde". Please also feel free to comment on this blog as your perspective is appreciated and your experiences of the blog itself is worth noting. To gain the full experience, pls read the posts as the story is as intricate as the jewellery displayed. All posts can be surveyed one at a time by clicking on the "blog archive" icon on the right of each page. Take note that most of the pictures on the blog are of reasonably high resolution for your enjoyment. Click on them for greater detail as this is required to appreciate all the detail in the jewellery.You are also free to "follow" or subscribe to this blog by clicking on the relevant icons found on each page.

His Royal Highness wishes you, young and old, "many happy returns" and looks forward to post as often and as regularly as humanly possible.

Fond Regards
On behalf of the Duke of Swann
Sir Charles Jennings (Lord High Chancellor to the Principality of Swann)

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