Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 19 March 2012

Memory Monday (Introduction)

On Mondays I will post some historic content. We can all then rebuild the puzzle of the history of Royalty in Daniel's world.

January 1 1996
The last official photo of a lost era.
The Empress Crystobel I with her sisters. At left the Princess Beatrice, Grand Duchess of Hanoveria. At right the Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Swann. The Empress was co-regent of the new Empire of  Scot-Britania and both her sisters were married to ruling sovereigns at the time of this picture. Little did they know that the now infamous Bloody Revolution was to break out within weeks. 

Of special interest is the jewellery. The Grand Duchess wears the official Consort's Tiara of Hanoveria. The Empress wears her mother, Queen Crystobel I of Scotney's  wedding gift diamond set. The Duchess of Swann wears the huge Swann Diamond Tiara. The latter has not been seen since this photo was taken.

The revolution took the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Swann and the Emperor Christian I, husband of Empress Crystobel. The Empire fell but the independant countries of Hanoveria and Swann retained their monarchies after the chaos had settled.

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