Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Revolution Memorial)

On this Sunday I will share on a current and somber event.

Sunday the 18th of March 2012  saw Her Imperial Majesty Empress Crystobel I of the United Empire of Scot-Britania return to the shores of her native Scotney for the first time since the revolution. The overthrown and at first believed to be killed co-ruler of the Empire is the daughter of the deceased Queen Crystobel I of the former Kingdom, now independant Republic of Scotney. In 1993 Scotney was merged with Britania into what was the short lived United Empire of Scot-Britania.

Empress Crystobel is still out of courtesy know by her full title by virtue of International Law even though she has been living in exile and is technically seen as a citizen of the United States of Americanium. She was invited by the Scotney government in lieu of the wave of popularity Royalty has been afforded in the media of late. A formal apology for the tragedies of the revolution was given in a speech by the president, Genl. George Campbell at a special wreath laying ceremony in memory of those who died. A small memorial statue was erected 6years ago in the capital of Scotney on the 10th anniversary of the revolution to honour the innocent dead. Here Empress Crystobel along with the Queen of Hispania and the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria attended the wreath laying ceremony.

The general mood in the capital was affectionate and sympathetic towards the black clad Empress on this poignant Sunday. People stopped and bowed their heads as her motorcade drove by. It seems that Scotney is coming full circle since the fateful year of 1996.

Empress Crystobel lays Lilies at the feet of the memorial statue inside the Palace of Parlaiment in the Scotney capital.

The Royal Heads of State in attendance was at left, the Queen of Hispania and at right, next to his wife, the Grand Duke of Hanoveria.

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