Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Memory Monday (The Crown Prince Imperial Ball)

In our second installment on historic events we present;
The Crown Prince Imperial’s Coming of Age Ball.

His Imperial Highness, Prince Christian Victor, The Crown Prince Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britania in the place of honour at the 2009 ball.

In the aftermath of the Bloody Revolution, the Imperial Family were believed to have all died in the missile attack on the Palace of Roswind Castle. However, in reality Empress Crystobel managed to escape with her young son, the Crown Prince Imperial. She took him to be raised in Muren, a small town in the Switzer Confederation. Here a very good friend of the Empress ran a prestigious finishing school for girls. This friend, known as the Seeress of Muren “adopted” the young boy and raised him ingognito, as her own. The Empress left to stay in Americania with her sister in law the Princess Augusta of the United Empire of Scot Britania.

Many years later the young Prince, known in the town by his first names Christian Victor, came of age and his aunt in conjunction with the Seeress arranged a splendid Ball to celebrate his coming of age. It was to be on a scale to relive and revitalise the Royal events of before the revolution. The Muren municipality under the behest of the influential Seeress, not to mention the substantial deposit paid by Princess Augusta secured the building of an entirely new Town Hall for this purpose. The media coverage alone would also put Muren on the international tourist map forever, bringing much needed revenue to the remote location.

The "Mine" magazine published its world exclusive coverage of the event. The picture shows The Crown Prince Imperial Dancing with the Duchess of Roswind. It was a defining moment of reconciliation at the ball as her mother was at first wrongly accused for having a hand in the revolution.

The date was set and the formal event took place on the 24th of September 2009.
Empress Crystobel was still believed publically to have died and as such due to tenuous fears for her safety did not attend the Ball. As a matter of fact, for his own safety, the Prince’s identity and location was kept secret until only 3 months before this event and only the Americanian refugee protection department head, Princess Augusta, the Seeress and the Prince knew that the Empress was alive.

Some guests arriving at the ball. Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna (in the pink on the left) blew everyone away wearing the massive Tzar Nicholas Pink Diamond. In the center at the back, dressed  in gold, is the very reclusive Margravine of Montrose. She has only attended two Royal events in the last five years and was quoted as saying that the Prince's Ball was of great importance.

HIH the Princess Augusta

The Ball was a huge success and international approval of Royalty soared to new heights. The Duke of Swann made a speech denouncing the revolution and ushered in, although symbolically, a new era of Royalty.

The ball in full swing.

The Duke of Swann enjoys a waltz with the Seeress of Muren.

Gloria van der Bilt is seen dancing with the Count von Bismarck. 


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