Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Heads of the Royal Houses)

As far as current events go, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up, especially lately, as so many things have been happening in the world of Royalty. Before you wipe out your eyes, what you still thought of as current has become historic. 

The most important event to take place in March this year was the 1st bi-annual Heads of the Royal Houses Meeting since 1995.

This event was hosted by the Princess Xenia of Wallachia (seen in white towards the right of the picture). The meeting is chaired by the Crown Prince Imperial as de facto Emperor and High King over all Princes. This year saw many progressive steps agreed upon to secure developments in the world as regarding Royal responsibilities and functions. The main topic on the agenda was the imminent situation in Syldavia, as that nation prepares to reintroduce a monarchical system of government. Other political obstacles like the Serbieski claim to autonomy was resolved amicably. The pretender to the claim of an independent Kingdom of Serbieski accepted the mediatised title of Grand Duke in the now "province" of Serbieski in greater Syldavia. This will take effect once the Kingdom gets re-established under Count Nikolas von Bismarck as its new King. All being said and done the Royals in glittering finery enjoyed a splendid banquet and some much deserved entertainment.

Queen Maria I of Hispania at left chose to wear her grand mother's sapphires, not seen since the late 80's and Empress Crystobel opted for her "understated" rubies.

The meeting was held in the ballroom of the Draculesti Palace in Wallachia. Here in the center is the hostess, the reigning Grand Princess Draculest XII Xenia of Wallachia. To our left, the pretender to the Franconian throne, Prince Louie D'Pont Du Lac and at right the now, Grand Duke of Serbieski.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria. Grand Duchess Alice wears the Consort's Diadem of  Hanoveria as she probably saw this meeting as "official and formal" enough for it. 

Another "controversial figure is the Duchess of Lancaster. When the eventual restoration of the Empire of Scot-Britania comes on the table her position will also come in question just like that of the Grand Duke of Serbieski seen at her right. She, very symbolically, chose to wear the ancient Lancaster Amethyst in her necklace to this event. as subtle statement declaring her rank and stance as rightful heir to the Duchy of Lancaster.

Reigning at this stage for a mere 9 months, the very popular, Queen Gloria I of Normandia, wearing her mother's Amethyst and Pink Diamond parure.

Always trying to secure the lime light and making obvious displays of rank and power, the enigmatic, Lady Arcwhite, ruler of the Island chain of Arcwhite. Other guests at this years meeting obviously included the Crown Prince Imperial couple, Count von Bismarck, pretender to the Syldav throne and his wife and finally the Duke of Swann. Absent but invited guests included the claimant to the Monagasque throne, the Marquis D'Bacquemme, and the claimant to the throne of Fulco d'Este, the Arch Duke Otto von und zu Fulco d'Este.

For your interest sake I'd like to mention that the most popular post thus far was last week's "What's Up Wednesday" receiving 50 hits to date in its own right. Thanks for all your interest.

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