Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's up Wednesday (current events)

On Wednesdays I will post on current events in the world of Royalty.
The Principality of Swann has exploded with activity and economic influx in 2012.
Last Friday the16th of March saw the opening of the new Swann Opera House. The event was presided over by Princess Marie-Elizabeth, sister of the ruling Duke of Swann. It seems that we are experiencing a Royal Renaissance. This sentiment does not just extend to the borders of the principality but the Kingdom of Normandia has had a breath of fresh air since they restored their monarchy. The Grand Duchy of Hanoveria has also enjoyed good times since the marriage of their reigning Grand Duke in 2010. 

Here we see at the Swann Opera House the bevy of high ranking Royals. From left; Princess Augusta of the United Empire, The Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria (aunt to the Duke of Swann), Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann (patron of the Swann Opera), The Empress Crystobel I of the United Empire (aunt to theDuke of Swann), The Crown Princess Imperial of the United Empire and Grand Duchess Alice of Hanoveria.

In the south the dormant Kingdom of Hispania, captivated for years in fear after the revolution is back to normal since their Queen came out of her self imposed internal exile. She locked herself away for fear of assassination in a secluded castle. She worried most about the safety of her daughter, the Crown Princess. She was tutored in private and not allowed out of the castle grounds. Now the Crown Princess is attending the prestigious finishing school for Girls in Muren. A new day has truly dawned. The Queen is seen more at public events where previously she sent her sister to represent her. Last  month Queen Maria attended the Heads of the Royal Houses Banquet hosted by the Crown Prince Imperial of the United Empire, in Hanoveria.

The Queen of Hispania is at left attending the Heads of the Royal Houses Banquet. In the center is Empress Crystobel I of the United Empire and at right the Crown Princess Imperial. At this years banquet it was agreed to resolve the restoration of the monarchy in Syldavia. As we know the government has set a date for the referendum and results should be final by mid April. This Banquet along with the annual Knights of the Realms meeting serves as the forum for the most influential Royals to gather over business and politics. Queen Maria of Hispania was also seen at the opera in the Hispanian Capital in January this year with her sister, Infanta Isabella and the Crown Princess Imperial.

Also in attendance was Hispania's most powerful aristocrat and distant cousin of the Queen, the Duchess of Aragon. She can be seen on the far right.

More stories on current events to follow, next week.

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