Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Princess Kirsten)

Greetings from the Principality of Swann on this wet Thursday.
I trust that if you are reading this blog your life is at least blessed with an internet connection which immediately puts you in a very privileged position and is something to be thankful for. I must say, this blogging experience has been very inspiring lately and has made me feel like I have something to contribute. I do hope that you are all enjoying it and would still seriously like more comments on the posts. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

So, we are profiling another illustrious character today. It was yet another struggle to choose someone. There are so many amazing Royals to choose from and I don't want to just be random but I mean to construct a well thought through picture of the world of Royalty in your minds. 

Wearing the Hanoverian Amethyst Tiara at the 2010 year-end Christmas ball.

Her Royal Highness, the Princess Kirsten of Hanoveria was born on St. Valentine’s Day 1990. She is the youngest sibling to the current reigning Grand Duke George III of Hanoveria. Her sister married the claimant to the Syldav throne in 2010. She is first cousin to both the Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann on her mother’s side and on her Father’s side she is first cousin to the pretender to the Ruskian Imperial throne, the Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana.

The Princess at the complete left with most of her close relations (see if you can recognize any) at the Crown Prince Imperial's 2010 birthday Party.

The Hanoverian Royal Family survived the 96 revolution and their monarchy was one of the few that did not fall because of it either. Yet the family was devastated personally by the death and seeming death of many of its members. For years while the Empress Crystobel and her son were living in secrecy they were thought dead by the likes of Princess Kirsten’s family. This was obviously done for their protection but made it very difficult on both sides. 

As if the revolution wasn’t enough, the young Princess Kirsten had to deal with the family’s private problems that reached a head just before her 10th birthday in 2000. Her beloved father was shot dead in front of her by a sniper while he was making his year-opening speech from the palace balcony following the Christmas/New Year holidays. It came to light after an investigation and some arrests that the Grand Duke was secretly being blackmailed by a criminal cartel and that his refusal to comply led to the sniper that was intended to shoot his wife but missed.

The Hanoverian nation was devastated but it only boosted their respect for their monarchy and Royal family. The courage showed by Princess Kirsten’s father and how the family dealt with the matter in resolute dignity, even making a public speech of forgiveness towards the murder endeared the nation to them. Afterward an anti-crime campaign led to an almost total drop of the crime rate in Hanoveria that has remained so to this day.

Princess Kirsten, in her own bid to make her mark, was the first female Royal to join the Hanoverian military and served in several anti-drug operations. It was during this time that the Crown Prince Imperial and his mother came out of hiding to the shock but also joy of their extended family. After her service she married, to the great jubilation of the people, the fabulously wealthy Prince Felix Youssopoff. The Ruskian noble Prince is the current head of the Youssopoff family and their vast family holdings in sheep farming, timber and gemstone mines. A new age has dawned in her life and in the world of Royalty it seems. The princely couple has vowed to prioritize Princess Kirsten’s passion to stamp out organised crime wherever possible.

She had a bullet graze her face in 2010 and as a result had to have minor facial reconstruction. Here we see her at left, before and at right, after the event.

Fashion, style and glamour come as a close second in the priorities of the Princess’s life. She supports many famous designers like Barbie International and Madame Frumsetta. She also loves to make her style and celebrity status, not to mention her jewellery available to draw attention to relevant charity functions. As such, she and the unbelievable Youssopoff jewellery are often seen at red carpet charity affairs and Royal functions like the Enthronement ceremonies surrounding the restoration of Queen Gloria I of Normandia in 2011.

Here we see Princess Kirsten at the Enthronement in Normandia wearing the spectacular Youssopoff "Comet Parure" dating from the flapper era.

Super chic for a Pariseum Fashion Week gala banquet held early March 2012. Here she wears the Youssopoff Diamond Bandeau and matching earrings.

 The young Princess has her whole life before her but at the same time has come a very long way. We wish her all the best and cannot wait for her to shine her beauty, both inner and outer at whatever function we’re going to spot her next.


  1. Aah, great story and more "history". Keep it up!


    1. Tnx for the compliment. So glad everyone is enjoying it. I will keep it up but am trying to not say too much too quickly. A wise man does not make haste.