Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 27 April 2015

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Royal and Historic Jewellery in Museums Part 2)

The Franconian State History Museum has received a Royal gift  to mark contemporary jewellery design. The gift was sponsored by Princess Augusta and donated to the museum as a record of design in jewellery for the first part of the new millennium. The piece, a tiara, was specifically made for exhibition purposes and thus has never been worn by anybody except posed by Princess Augusta for  this particular photo shoot commemorating the event. This is to at least allow the tiara its proper context once. 

The platinum and diamond tiara can be seen in this detailed photo. It is of obvious modern design with clean lines and an overall futuristic look that will make it look not out of place in a Sci-Fi epic. The piece was made by Franconia's top jewellery firm, Bartier and as such stands as testament of the pinnacle of Europan craftsmanship.

Here Princess Augusta poses with he gift.

Here the tiara can be seen in detail in its proper context for the first and only time. It will from now on be exhibited at the museum in its Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition Hall.

On the other hand a historic jewellery piece from the Franconian Royal Collection, the Goutte de la Mer Sapphire Tiara will be leaving the museum.

The sapphire tiara may be returned to join the newly established Franconaian Crown Jewel Exhibit at the Chateau Lafitte in Lyon which means we may see it worn by a meber of the Franconian Royal Family in pretense or in an official photo if Prince Louis of Franconia ever gets married.

The Goutte de la Mer Sapphire Tiara was originally made in 1804 for Princess Marie Louise, Duchesse D'Angelille upon her marriage to the Duke of Viletta. She was the only surviving female granddaughter of the last King of Franconia. She died childless and her jewellery was dispersed through her husband's family descendants until in 1990 the tiara was purchased by the museum.

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