Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Coronation 2015 Preparations)

With expectation running high for the upcoming coronation of a new king and now Emperor to boot, preparations for the "event of the century" are fervently underway in the Scot-Britanian Isles. The governments of Scotney have both allocated budgets for the event that will co-labour with Emperor Chritian-Victor's own expenditure to make this truly a day to remember. The Europan Council is also committed to do their share even though the appointment of Emperor, is seen merely a bureaucratic announcement to them and a coronation ceremony was not expected but will now be included. The date has thus been set for Saturday the 4th of July 2015 making Friday 3rd a bank holiday. 

The last event of such scale as this coronation promises to be, was the 1993 Coronation of Empress Crystobel and Emperor Christian of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. Most records and photos of that event was destroyed in the 1996 Revolution but some have survived. Above we see one of those very few photos of the Empress and Emperor on that day. It attests to its grandiosity and we can only wonder and be inspired as to how our new millennium coronation might look.

A photo of Princess Augusta also survived seen here as she appeared at the 1993 Coronation. She chose, as per her preferences at the time extreme minimalism, wearing only the coronet and order of chivalry required by protocol.

Now let us take a look at some of the preparations for the upcoming event.

This is the Invitation template prepared to go out to all the dignitaries asked to the June 2015 Coronation.

Preparations are obviously in full swing with organizing venues, parades, jewellery etc. Local town councils are also setting up public viewing screens as many might opt for a open festivity rather than staying at home and watching it on television. Diplomatic arrangements and security management of visiting V.I.P.'s pose the biggest issues. Hotels are reporting highest recorded booking rates as people from all over the world plan to flock the streets on coronation day.

No detail is overlooked. Earlier this year many restoration projects were undertaken refurbishing much of Scotney and Britania's Royal historic artifacts and other treasure. Now they will be given full context in relation to the coronation. A small statue of King Edward VII in the Cathedral of the Lion Heart had taken some wear over the decades but has been totally restored and with the rest of the cathedral will be the central venue for the event. 

The Cathedral of the Lion Heart is almost completely restored setting the stage for the coronation.

The cathedral has been closed to the public during restoration and now for preparation for the July event.

The public can follow the preparations here on our blogt. 

The Throne of Scot-Britania has been moved to its coronation location in the north anex of the cathedral.

The Coronation Coach, kept at the Imperial Mews has also been restored and will definitely be  used to carry the new Emperor to and from the cathedral during the processional parade through the streets of Londinium.

Madame Frumsetta, world famous couturier, has been asked to restore the blue Imperial Robes of State to their former glory. The red Royal Robes on the other hand have been sent to a Scotney Couturier for the same treatment.

The Imperial Robes of State can be seen in this photo being inspected and fitted onto the Imperial couple.

Emperor Christian-Victor can be seen admiring the detail on his wife's robe. 

This photo alludes to the upcoming grandeur of the coronation ceremony as Empress Odeliah strikes a regal pose next to the Emperor. So our imagination starts to wonder in expectation.

The flags of both countries, Scotney and Britania have been altered to commemorate the change from democracy to democratic constitutional monarchy.

Britania's flag as a monarchy.

Britania's flag as it has been from 1996 till 2015.

Scotney's monarchic flag.

Scotney's flag as a democratic republic.

In preparation for the coronation the Mausoleum of the former Emperor and Empress of Scot-Britania have also received attention.

The Imperial Mausoleum was visited by Emperor Christian-Victor and Empress Odeliah this week to remember the Emperor's parents and to celebrate their legacy and the restoration of monarchy.

It was as much a moment of symbolic statesmanship as a very private and what must have been an emotional one for the Imperial couple.

Their Majesties even in personal reflection did look sufficiently regal, again alluding to a colourful, inspiring and hopeful future as Emperor and Empress. It seems that forgiveness and time does heal all wounds and where great tragedy and loss has sought to destroy now a new day is about to dawn.


  1. Amazing! I love all the restorations. All the details are incredible. Great job.

    1. Thank you Vanessa. Always great to hear from you. Remember to keep an eye out for the coronation.

  2. Very exciting. I love the invitation. Anticipation is building. Wonderful.

  3. The Cathedral is impressive, to say nothing of the coronation couch! I think Emperor Chistian Victor is incredibly handsome!