Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Emperor Christian-Victor Tours Scotney and Britania and Visits Nobles)

His Majesty King Christian-Victor of the Scots and Britons, as the Emperor is known in his home countries, has made a quick tour of the Britanian Isles with his wife Queen Odeliah. The tour is to publicly present himself to his people in this time building up to the coronation in July. As part of the tour that had him visit public parks, museums and government building he also made formal stop overs at three of the premiere Noble Peers of the Realm. 

The King and Queen used a small chartered jet to fly to their first stop, the Britanian city of York where they were scheduled for a walkabout outside the City Hall before sitting down to a lunch with the Mayor of York. They were greeted by an excited crowd which had gathered for hours before the Royal arrival.

The positively spectacular Royal couple was said to enjoy the walkabout tremendously taking almost half an hour to greet and chat to ecstatic onlookers. 

The Queen-Empress stole the limelight but not selfishly by adding shine and glamour to the more reserved King-Emperor. who seemed to prefer the cameras favouring his wife.

From York the Royal couple drove the short distance by car over the border to Glen Coe Castle in Scotney. The ancestral home of the Earl's Dysart was to put them up for their first evening of the tour as the guests of the Duke and Duchess of Argyle. 

The Duke and Duchess of Argyle were the highest ranking Nobles in Scotney to host the Royal Couple and prepared a banquet in their honour of their monarch. The Duchess of Argyle, also Countess Dysart, was more than thrilled to entertain the King and Queen in her Castle. 

Queen Odelia looked radiant in a purple evening gown and the historic amethysts bought a couple of weeks ago at auction. 

The Duke and Duchess looked their stylish selves as usual.

The Duchess wore the Dysart Amethysts piared with a snakeskin metallic print dress.

The historic Amethyst Parure is a new addition to the Imperial Jewellery Collection and had its first outing.

After a tour of some places of agricultural interst on the Scotney border the King and Queen flew back down to Britania  and Castle Sherwood, the Family Seat of the Dukes of Marlboro.

The Duke and Duchess of Marlboro were the highest ranking Britanian Nobles to receive the Royal couple and also hosted a banquet in their Majesties' honour. The Marlboros are the biggest sheep farmers in the country and as such merited an Imperial visit aside from the Noble ties.

The Queen chose a red metallic dresspaired with diamonds and pink pearls.

The Duchess wore the Marlboro Family Tiara and was said to truly enjoy hosting the Imperial couple.

There were times when the Queen-Empress had to go at the glamour alone while her husband attended to the more "boring" engagements. Here she is seen one evening by herself attending the opening night of a theater production in the Scotney Capital while the King-Emperor was at a meeting discussing tourism in the extreme north of Scotney.

The tour was a great opportunity for Queen Odeliah to really showcase some of the Imperial jewellery and that she did. Here we see her wearing the rubies she inherited from Empress Crystobel on their first public outing.

Finally another dinner with the Marchioness of Londonderry on the way back to the Aldarian Palace. The Empress had more opportunities to wear a tiara in this week than she normally gets over a 6 month period. As such she gave her new amethysts a second outing. Traveling with so much historic jewellery is a logistic and security nightmare so she had to limit her options slightly.

The Marchioness looked radiant in a turquoise dress and the Londonderry Tiara.

Queen Odeliah added some variety by wearing the necklace along with the rest of the parure.

The Marchioness was quoted to be very honoured by the Royal visit and hopes that the restoration of the monarchy would bring prosperity to all the people of the Scot-Britanian Isles.

As we move closer to the coronation the atmosphere is gradually building up to the greatest excitement felt in decades.


  1. hi Daniel, the queen has got a lot of style! This visit has been a great success, and no wonder they are such an handsome couple.
    I love the Amethyst and Ruby parures!

    1. Thank you Bila. Your opinion as a fellow successful blogger means a lot to me.

  2. Their majesties seem to have adapted to their new roles extremely well. Lovely couple. Wonderful, auspicious events. Truly remarkable.

  3. I love seeing the Royals in their finest! You know how I love the jewels.

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