Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Memory Monday (Last Official Portrait Photo Shoots of Empress Crystobel)

We are fast approaching the coronation to be held on the 3rd of July but what we must not forget is that two years ago close to the end of June 2013 Empress Crystobel was assassinated on a friendly diplomatic visit to Britania. Being the previous co-ruler of Scot-Britania and the mother of the now restored monarch of Britania and Scotney it seems appropriate after yesterday's Mother's Day Celebration, that we make mention to the Empress in some posts leading up to the coronation.

The Empress Crystobel has never ceased to been mentioned in the media and rightly so with the cosmic rise in popularity of the former Royal and then Imperial Family of Scotney and Britania. Now with the restoration of those monarchies and the advent of King Christian-Victor's election to the title of Emperor is is even more relevant to make regular mention of his illustrious mother. Providence had it that some archive photos have come to light from the Aldarian Palace as renovations took place over the last few months. A set of entirely forgotten portraits of Empress Crystobel was  found still undeveloped in an old secretarial file cabinet in what was formerly the administrative office of the household staff. These photos have been developed and digitized especially for our post today. 

The photos depict the Empress in 1994 shortly after the creation of the Empire, posing officially in a resplendent silver dress and family jewellery within the Cathedral of the Lion Heart for what must have been a range of photos intended to be State Portraits. The style of the photos however are extremely relaxed and not as formal as one expects from State Portraits. These exude a softness that lend them an esoteric feel inviting the onlooker into what seems to be a more intimate glimpse into the Empress life albeit set in the historic and austere setting of the cathedral.

Empress Crystobel, in this haunting photo is clearly an Empress but appears almost ethereal as it seems like she is hovering toward the onlooker.

A gentle yet pensive smile can be seen as Empress Crystobel avoids eye contact in this close up. The avoidance of eye contact ironically just seems to draw the onlooker deeper into the photo.

Here Her Imperial Majesty, appropriately and serenely pose at the Imperial throne upon which her and her husband was crowned. At the moment of crowning she publicly accepted the heavy burden of  responsibility to be the face and figurehead of an entire two nations.

The contrasts are clear as the beauty and regality of the photo also implies the gravitas and austerity of being Royal and being that before a people and God.

The highly artistic set of photos were taken by an unknown photographer as all records of the shoot have bee lost and nobody who may have memory of them are still alive after the 1996 revolution.

One sometimes forget that Empress Crystobel was also the Queen of Scotney in her own right and bore that title with pride before she became Empress. Being Queen was her first duty and also a separate commitment. She had a set of "new"State portraits taken in the capacity of Queen of Scotney almost a year after being crowned Empress. These photos were also thought lost but were found in the same file as the aforementioned set taken in the cathedral. Above we see one of the spectacular 1994 Scotney State Portraits. The negatives were in slightly better condition so allowed for better resolution upon development.

The last official time the Crown of St.Christian was used was for this 1994 set of State Portraits. It can clearly be seen in detail in this close up photo.  Parts of the famous ruby parure was also worn for this photo along with the Order of the Diamond Star and the red Royal Mantel of Scotney. 

We miss the Empress and truly enjoyed these long lost photos albeit with a bit of bittersweet reminiscence. However with the new day dawning we can but look forward to what it may bring.


  1. Hi Duke, Empress Crystobel was really beautiful. Her crowns and jewels are amazing!

    1. Hi Billa. Thank you for the kind compliment. It's nice to have you comment here on my blog.

  2. Maravilllosaaaa son las fotos y las joyas de la Emperatriz, te invito a mi blog que has variado es de costura, restauración y coleccionismo de muñecas, me quedo por aquí y me ago seguidora besosss