Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What's Up Wednesday (The Crown Jewels of Franconia Display)

Taking its ques from the recent developments in Scotney and Britania, Franconia has not been one to lag behind when it comes to topics of national pride. With the recent resurgence of Royal popularity all over Europa, Franconia has also done its part to reconstitute what may be seen as a National Crown Jewels Collection for the sake of remembering and preserving history. The main incentive in this endeavour was the miraculous discovery of the Franconian Royal Queen Consort Crown in the secret vault in Reichenthal. The truly historic find of a national treasure though lost to history caused a public outcry for preserving it and its historic legacy in the context of a national museum. The head of the Royal House in pretense to the Franconian throne, Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac seized the opportunity to get involved. With funding from the Bank D'Rothchild and the government plans for a national exhibition center focused on the Royal History of Franconia was set in motion and is now finally completed.

His Royal Highness, Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac now elevated to Prince of Franconia, agreed to accompany our photographer on a small tour of the new exhibit.

The Chateau Lafitte in Lyon will henceforth be the permanent home of the national exhibit.

This photo shows the main exhibition area where the Crown Jewels of Franconia, inclussive of the new replica crown, the historic Queen's Crown and the Goutte De La Mer Sapphire Tiara will be displayed. 

Prince Louis poses for a photo-op in the new exhibition hall. 

The Crown of Franconia, a modern replica made to exactly copy the original crown in appearance and materials, can be seen in its pride of place under its reinforced glass dome.

The Queen Consort's Crown shares a similar home...

...and so does the historic tiara, set with one of the world's largest and most valuable sapphires. 

Prince Louis confessed his hopes that the exhibit will attract many visitors and tourist and thus be of an educational and publicity value and an economic contribution to Franconia. The Prince and his family also stand to gain from their own private investment and so to take even greater steps in becoming more and more of a diplomatic force for their country.


  1. Lovely Display. Love both crowns and also the tiara.

  2. The Franconian Royal Jewels are amazing, I love the setup with the armours!