Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Breaking News (Swann Abdication Part 1 - Referendum and Imperial Consent)

An Official Report from the Principality of Swann: 

His Royal Highness, the Prince Daniel, by Grace of God, Sovereign Duke of Swann has declared that he will assume the Most Holy Honour of Grey Cardinal in Succession of the Mithrandir. 

Upon the passing of the Mithrandir, Prince Daniel will renounce all earthly obligations and become the next Mithrandir. He will then be succeeded by the Hereditary Prince of Swann, Prince Dillon who will then become the new Duke of Swann.

It is reported from Swann that, the Mithrandir made his desire for the Duke to become his successor known during last year's Arcwhite crisis when both His Holiness and the Duke worked closely to avert disaster. There was no obligation placed on the Duke to comply to the Mithrandir's request but the opportunity is of such a nature that finally the Duke chose in favour of it after months of thought and purported prayer. It is a very exciting yet bittersweet time for Swann and its beloved Duke as now His Royal Highness, after years as sovereign, may look forward to serve in an even higher call than that as ruler of Swann.

The Duke of Swann is seen above making the Royal Declaration this morning from Duke's Court Palace. It is officially viewed as a type of abdication but in stasis, where the Duke of Swann does not directly step down from the throne but has it on hold for the future event of the Mithrandir's death. The final announcement was made after an internet referendum run over the last two weeks. The results of the poll showed 89% of Swanobian citizens in favour of the Duke following his heart, especially in pursuit of this particular vocation of international self sacrificial service. The poll was run to gauge popular opinion as a courtesy to his people, as in the Principality of Swann, the Duke's autocratic power does not require a referendum to sanction his acts of state. It is now being written into law and after some ceremonials to follow, will be signed and enacted. Once done, the Duke will continue to rule as normal but will begin focussing more on being discipled by the Mithrandir. As such, His Royal Highness will gradually pass more Royal duties to Prince Dillon in order to teach him to become accustomed to his future role as ruler. The unmarried Duke will also officially then be committed to celibacy. He will also have the style Eminent Highness and title of Grey Cardinal added to his own.

His Royal Highness was officially visited earlier this week by his cousin the new Emperor and Empress of the United Empire. The visit was a friendly courtesy and show of familial support in this very special time. The Emperor was the first to know of the Duke's decision before today's official announcement and flew over to see his cousin in person on Sunday. These private photos of the visit was made available to this blog especially for our report. The Duke of Swann was also very happy to show his support  and excitement in return for the upcoming coronation of the Emperor on the  3rd of July.

Empress Odeliah looked radiant on what most consider to be a farewell of sorts as both the Duke of Swann and the former Crown Prince Imperial embark on entirely new life directions.

A poignant handshake was recorded on camera as the future Mithrandir is congratulated by the new Emperor. A new day dawns for Europa and indeed the world.

God save His Royal Highness, Prince Daniel, the Duke of Swann, Prince of the United Empire, Knight of the Order of the Diamond Star, Grand Master of the Order of the Purple Swann and Eminent Grey Cardinal.


  1. Exciting and interesting. Definitely a bitter-sweet event.

  2. I understand the Duke decision and I respect it too.

  3. Now, this was really unespected! I look forward for the developements, it was quite a decision to take