Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Viscount Faraway)

Today we will feature one of the most eligible bachelors and also rather controversial characters in our Royal circles. This is none other than the very handsome Viscount Faraway from Britania.  Apart from his noble title he also serves as the current Second Sea Lord of Swann and beyond that is a volatile activist in matters concerning animal abuse and commercial exploitation in relation to marine life. 

Born in Britannia in 1994, His Lordship Admiral Viscount Faraway has been a staunch vegan since childhood. He has always displayed a close, almost obsessive concern for animals balanced only by his tunnel vision in regards to physical fitness. His naval career began somewhat haphazardly, considering where he is today. The first vessel he served upon as a gung-ho 14 year old Naval Academy midshipman, the S.R.S. Daring,  was sunk by a Scotney mine left over from the '96 Revolution. No lives were lost but the young Jack was briefly famous when word of him wading the flooding decks to rescue the ship's dogs reached the press.

This photo displays the 10 year old Lord Jack Faraway cuddling one of the kids from the family estate.

During the revolution, in which his father died, the two year old Faraway and his mother fled to Swanobia. His mother had served the Empress Crystobel as Lady-in-Waiting for years and now had the burden of raising her son as a single mom and also far below the means she was accustomed to. She did however make a success of it through hard work and shrewd financial choices in regards to her son's Switzer trust fund. Growing up at the coast, the young boy was frequently in trouble for sabotaging local fishing vessels, and had to be bailed from prison a couple of times. His youth and exuberance however spared him a conviction. He was also very popular with the town's girls miraculously not needing to ever marry as yet.

 As soon as was possible, Faraway joined Swann's Royal Naval Academy, graduating swiftly. After the incident upon the Daring, the young Viscount had his first, albeit brief, encounter with future friend Prince Daniel, the ruling Duke of Swann whilst at a press conference covering the tragic loss of one of the Kingdom's finest ships. The Duke shook hands with the flash-in-the-pan celebrity, bemusedly commending him for his gallantry, before posing for a single photograph.

Soon after, Faraway spent a tour in the Royal Oceanic Conservation Society which helped educate him towards his plans for becoming an activist/protester.

Here we see Viscount Faraway posed for his official portrait in 2014. He is seen wearing his Family chain of office and the Order of the Polar Star. Behind him is a coronet of rank for a Viscount of the Realm.

His Lordship, Jack Hyland, 3rd Viscount Faraway is, regardless of his swashbuckling pretense, a true Nobleman in the Peerage of Britania and Scot-Britania. He has also received the high honour of being inducted into the Ruskian Order of the Polar star for his work in animal conservation. In 2014 His Lordship was offered the position of Second Sea Lord of Swann and has been its youngest incumbent. The role is a largely ceremonial and advisory one and serves to be the Duke of Swann's direct liaison to the Swanobian Navy.

The Family Crest of the Viscountcy of Faraway is drawn from the family's close connection to the sea which did not originate with the 3rd Viscount but with his grandfather, the 1st Viscount Faraway who was elevated to the peerage by King George V of Britania.

Recently Viscount Faraway was involved with the Principality of Swann and indeed the world's most advanced sea rescue vessel as a consultant sea commander. His input and passion was invaluable in streamlining the program upon its launch into international waters.

The good looking young bachelor has since all the above begun to take the world by storm as an eligible trust fund heir. He has been romantically linked with a runway model, and an Olympian fencer. A night out with Lady Arcwhite had the paparazzi going wild and the gossip columns going even wilder but nothing has seemingly come of that, except that Lady Arcwhite was reported to say that she found the topic of a vegan diet "fascinating".

The Viscount has many interests and tried his hand at many hobbies. Among these have been rock climbing, fencing, scuba diving, bodybuilding, historic fire arms and period airplanes. He has even dabbled in movie making and there is talk of the Duke of Swann and the Viscount possibly producing a period drama film or series.

Last week the Viscount had a dream come true by being allowed to take a fully restored Bi-plane for its first flight since the turn of the former century. He was deeply involved, practically and financially, in its restoration as a museum piece.

It seems His Lordship has broad and bright horizon in view ahead of him. We expect much from him and will keep an eye on what exciting endeavours he finds himself in.

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  1. He's quite handsome. He so busy the ladies can't keep up with him.