Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Breaking News (Europan Council Votes on Swanobian Proposal for United Empire)

Earlier this week, in the most bold turn of events, the Principality of Swann's ruler has made a shocking yet not entirely unfounded proposal at this year's Europan Council's Head of State's Summit. 

Switzer Federation is the home of the Europan Council where once annually and in emergencies, the independent countries of Europa's rulers meet to propose and vote on actions to be taken for the benefit of the continent as a whole. This week saw the greatest turning point Europa has been presented with in over 20 years.

Chancellor Johnston of the Democratic Republic of Europa had all focus on himself for the fact that he is chairman of the council and for the changes that have been happening in Britania in recent months. By mid 2015, Britania would have transitioned from a pure democratic republic to a constitutional monarchy.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann, ruler of a council member nation with veto rights was to table the revolutionary proposal to the council.

Many other monarchies were represented along with all the other voting members of the council. Here we see the Princess of Wallachia arriving.

Not all member nations were physically present. Absent members included Arcwhite, Normandia, Ruskiana, Franconia and Fulco DÉste. They were voting by telephone and opinion polls were streaming live as they occurred. In the above photo we see the full gathering being opened by Mr. Johnston of Britania.

First the agenda was worked through and reports of previous actions were heard.

Queen Ukulunghile of Ohiri in Africania was officially representing all the non-Europan nations as an observer and commentator.

Here we can see from left, King Nikolas of Syldavia, Princess Xenia of Wallachia and the Duke of Swann.

Queen Maria of Hispania is photographed here next to her Hanoverian counterpart, Grand Duke George.

Chancellor Johnston of Britania, and Chairman of the Europan Council then announced the segment where new proposals are tabled. The Duke of Swann can be seen at is right, ready to take the microphone.

The Duke of Swann's proposal at first came as a surprise but as his presentation progressed not only seemed plausible but actually more economical and efficient system of management. His Royal Highness proposed a neutral chairman for the Europan Council, with executive power and a trans-Europan unifying agenda. He revived the precedent set in 1480 when  King Christian of Scotney was elected Holy Emperor of Europa. That position of Emperor was only for life and could not be succeeded to outside of election, it did not have regional governmental authority, did not negate local culture but unified Europa in economic and defensive affairs. Thus the Duke of Swann called for the position of Emperor be reinstated and that the most suitable person for the role be elected. Possible persons for the role would be tabled after his proposal was accepted.

The vote was unanimous for the position of Chairman of the Europan Council to be replaced by a neutral Emperor from the end of April when Chancellor Johnston's term ends. Possible persons for the role is will now be submitted and the results of a final election will be announced within the next few weeks.

The Europan public are abuzz with the controversial developments but popularity polls are already showing results in favour of it.

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  1. Great job once again on these pictures. I love the coalition set up!