Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What's Up Wednesday (The new Crown of Franconia)

It seems that the very staunchly democratic Franconians who vehemently refuse any sentiments of restoring a monarchy, still do not want to feel left out in all the Royal related ceremonials that have flared up in Europa of late. I mean, 200 odd years ago Franconia was the epitome of Royal splendour, so I suppose they also need their history to shine among their neighbours. To that end the government of Franconia had an exact replica made of the last Crown that was made for the coronation of a Franconian King.

To their credit, the Franconian government are not just vying for a share of the Royal limelight in some childish attention seeking manner but did table the idea of replica Crown Jewels for historic exhibition purposes long before the Crown of St. Christian led to the Royal frenzy currently sweeping through Britania and Scotney. The discovery of the Franconian Queen Consort's Crown in the Reichenthal Vault last year was what initiated the concept of a replica crown and eventual Frranconian Crown Jewel Exhibit. Now, many months later the crown is made and was unveiled at a gala event in the presence of Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac, the pretender to the Franconian throne.

The new replica Crown of Franconia pictured here next to its original female counterpart which survived the Franconian Revolution, incorporates some of the original gemstones, most notably the four diamonds sewn directly to the blue chapeau de maintenance. These diamonds were documented during the Franconian Revolution and managed to survive to this day where many others were lost. The new crown is and exact copy made of solid gold and silver and set with genuine gemstones inclusive of the original diamonds.

King Louis XV's Royal hunting lodge, Chateau Lafitte in Lyon has been chosen to act as the official Museum of Royal Franconian History and to house the permanent display of Crown Jewels. That display is set to open in a few weeks from now.

What is officially considered the Royal Family of what would be the Kingdom of Franconia, were gathered in force for the media unveiling last night of the new Crown of Franconia. 

His Highness Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac was officially and publically recognized by the Franconian Government as the lead claimant to the Throne of Franconia and the Royal Dynasty. As such he has been declared; Prince Royal of Franconia with the accompanying Royal Highness style of adress.

His Royal Highness, the Prince Royal of Franconia posed especially for this "State Portrait-like" photo with the new crown.

Other members of the Franconian Royal Family present included (with full title and style), Prince Valmont, now His Royal Highness, Prince Valmont of Franconia, Prince D'Pont Du Lac and Duke of Vaganava.

Princess Antoinette of Franconia and Princess D'Pont Du Lac.

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne-Marie of Franconia, Dowager Baroness D'Rothchild.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Victoria of Franconia, Duchess of Roswind and Duchess of Vaganava.

Some of the private jewellery owned by the D'Pont Du Lac and the D'Rothchild families that has Royal Franconian provenance may also be periodically displayed as part of Chateau's attractions. These include the D'Pont Du Lac Emeralds and the Franconian Royal Ruby Parure and another historic Sapphire Tiara that is kept in  Franconian State History Museum in Pariseum.

We look forward to the new display opening its doors.

Vive le Franconia!


  1. Ok I'm jealous! Even the podium has jewels!! I need a Duke in my life.

    1. Hahaha Brini. Thank you always for your comments and compliments. There are a couple of eligible Royals if you are willing to travel. :) The Duke of Swann himself is still unmarried.

  2. I love the dress code of the royal family,,,,really cheeky!!!, dressing up in mini's.......love the crown, as always well done!!!