Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 13 April 2015

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Pink Gemstones)

A few weeks ago an antique pink gemstone necklace was purchased by the Crown Prince Imperial at auction. It was correctly suspected that it would be paired with the existing Imperial Topaz Tiara and a press photo was especially released for this blog confirming the fact. Today we will discuss that necklace and all the other pink gemstone jewellery in Royal Collections across Europa.

Queen Elizabeth of Britania's Imperial Topaz Tiara pictured above with its matching brooch and the above mentioned 19th Century Franconian necklace bought at auction to match the set. Imperial Topaz is the designation given to what is considered the rarest of Topaz varieties. The colour is a light almost champagne-like pink. 

In 2011 the Crown Princess Imperial wore the tiara once, of up until now, only twice times. It is apparently a cumbersome piece and difficult to wear.

This overwhelmingly massive parure of Pink Topaz is part of Queen Maria of Hispania's personal historic jewellery collection. The deep colour is very beautiful but far more readily available than Imperial Topaz and as such far less costly. Regardless of that, the vivid colour is very popular and when coupled with diamonds make for very beautiful and regal jewellery.

Another Imperial Topaz set belongs to the Duchess Di Giorgio, pretender to the throne of the former Kingdom of Romagna. It was made for the wedding of the Duchess' grandmother, Queen Elena the last Queen of Romagna. The set does not include a tiara.

The Duke of Marlboro Collection includes this tiara called the Renalda Pink Topaz Tiara. It was made for the 9th Duchess as a wedding anniversary present in 1936.

The Marlboro family own a necklace and earrings dating from the mid 1900's that is often worn with the Renalda Tiara but are strictly speaking not a matched set. 

Most of the Lady Arcwhite's jewellery collection is new and her own private property. However most of it is also made in keeping with the style of Royalty and as such exceptionally grand. Imperial Topaz of the highest quality is the feature of this set of earrings and necklace made for the Lady somewhere in 2011.

The Marquis D'Bacquemme has this necklace and tiara in his collection. This set has Pink Tourmaline as its featured gemstone. Pink Tourmaline is an entirely different chemical compound to Topaz and slightly more expensive than the normal Pink Topaz but cheaper than Imperial Topaz.

The D'Baquemme Demi Parure dates from the early 1920's Flapper era and is often worn by the ladies in the Marquisital Family. We have yet to see the Marquis' wife, Princess Oktavia, sport the pink set at a Royal event. 

The Franconian Royal Family in pretense have a Topaz parure dating from the late 1900's. The set was a part of a dowry brought into the D'Pont Du Lac Family by Miss Lilly Hancock, an Americanian department store heiress who married into the family, The whole set is designed around a 18th Century brooch that is said to have belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette of Franconia.

Here Princess Antoinette D'Pont Du Lac is pictured wearing the set in 2012.

The Queen Josepha Tourmaline Set is of a rich pink colour and has been in the Reichenthal Royal Collection for almost a century. It consists of only a tiara and necklace and has been worn several times by Grand Duchess Azantha.


  1. I like Lady Arcwhite's set and Grand Duchess Azantha's set.

  2. Here I thought purple was the color, the pinks jewels are gorgeous too.

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