Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Breaking News (King of the Scots and King of the Britons)

It is official in Scotney and Britania, the monarchy is to be restored! The results of yesterday's digital referendum have been clear and overwhelmingly decisive as a landslide 89% of the voters were in favour of  constitutional monarchies in Scotney and Britania. 

His Majesty the King of the Scots, in Scotney and King of the Britons in Britania is how the Crown Prince Imperial will be referred to from now on. These titles will be his designation whilst in one of the particular countries and in reference to His Majesty in relation to them. Internationally he will remain His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Imperial. The exact nature of the constitutional monarchies for the two independent countries will delineate that the monarch is thus, of the people and a ceremonial face of the nation but has no political or governmental powers. His role affords him custodianship of all property and assets traditionally accorded to the monarch and a budgeted salary to maintain these in trust for the nation. It also stipulates that under no circumstances will Scotney and Britania lose their sovereign independence or be amalgamated into one nation. The monarch will be thus the King/Queen of each country independently and separately. The monarch will be required to serve his country by representing them locally and internationally, speaking on behalf of the governments or attending events on behalf of them. He will also ceremonially represent them on days of national and cultural value. The monarch will retain the power to elect and invest members of the Order of the Diamond Star. Finally, the monarch and those in direct line of succession must gain the consent of parliament to marry and the line of succession will employ unprejudiced primogeniture.

The new King and Queen were elated at the news and received the adulation of the gathering crowds from the balcony of the Aldarian Palace in the late afternoon.

The King and Queen were joined by the Britanian Chancellor on the palace balcony.

Chancellor Johnston later made a speech  announcing the result, delineating the exact nature of the restoration and expressed his personal joy at the outcome. "...Britania has spoken and it wishes for a more colourful future..." he was quoted to say.

Queen Odeliah looked appropriately corporate for the day's events. She added Crown Diamonds to her formal suit and hat.

Immediately after the events in Britania, the King of the Scots traveled to Scotney to be received by  the Scotney citizens and government for their half of the celebrations. It stands to reason now that a coronation will be on the cards. It promises to be the most spectacular event in decades as Royal pageantry is never as lavish and officially grand as for a coronation. Certainly times are becoming more exciting than they have been since the 80's.

Long live the King and Queen!!!

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