Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Duke of Swann State Visit to Ophiri)

Today is the much awaited referendum on the issue of monarchy in Scotney and Britania. Will there be a restoration in one or both of these countries or not at all? We will hear the results tomorrow. But as these exciting developments surge in Europa some other important Royal news is happening in exotic Africania.

We have moved into the second quarter of the year and the end of the State Visit season but the Duke of Swann managed to squeeze in his last minute trip to Ophiri just before the Easter Weekend last week. This 3 day trip was the first for a Europan monarch since before the 1996 Revolution.

The old Kingdom of Ophiri traditionally shared close ties with the Principality of Swann all through the 20th Century. Recently the Democratic Republic of Greater Ophiri declared the old Royal Family of Ophiri the official representatives of the new democracy and in effect created a pseudo constitutional monarchy. Since then no State Visit has yet occurred to Ophiri until now. The Duke of Swann made an official trip to visit his close friend and now official diplomatic ally, Queen Ukulunghile. The trip received extensive media coverage on both the continents of Africania and Europa essentially boosting Ophiri's image worldwide. 

The Queen receives her official guests in full state dress code in the throne room of the Golden Lion Palace. She took the opportunity, yet again, to show off her immaculate sense of style. It must be said, that few can pull off an animal print like Queen Ukulunghile, and that in the context of an official event. 

The Queen chose to wear Yellow Diamonds, all indigenous mined, as a showcase of her country's natural wealth and jewellery craftsmanship skills. Not that the indigenous wood throne with sold gold lion statuettes did not already accomplish that. Ophiri is one of the world's largest exporters of Yellow Diamonds and Africanian top quality wood.

This spectacular photo shows the Queen's dress with train.

Her Majesty was joined by her brother Prince Shaka and his wife. The Prince is the Queen heir as she remains unmarried.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann arrived in state and bowed in respect towards his Royal hostess upon arrival in the throne room. This is a courtesy from one monarch to another as bowing between equals is not a protocol prerequisite.

A press photo-opp with all the assembled dignitaries.

The Queen then focused the Duke and the press' attention on a newly carved traditional bust of the Queen's Father, King Kozi. The artwork has been rendered from dolomite, another export of Ophiri.

Then Her Majesty showed the Duke a terracotta tile mural depicting most of the Ophiri wildlife. The mural is made from tiles cut out like puzzle pieces using the latest laser cutting technology. Ophiri aims to be the most technologically advanced nation on the Africanian continent by the year 2020.

The Duke of Swann's visit intended to negotiate better trade deals with some of Ophiri's major export companies and to also help focus international attention on its fast developing economy.

After the official welcome ceremony held in the throne room a State Banquet was arranged for the evening. Queen Ukulunghile wore a parure of rubies given to her as a gift from the Principality of Swann.

Her Majesty complimented the Duke's gift of rubies with a stunning red dress that was obviously held in store for an event of this importance.

Years ago a gift of large high quality diamonds was gifted to the Royal Family of Swann from Ophiri. Now, a generation later the kindness is reciprocated in this beautiful parure of rubies.

The Duke of Swann wore a uniform and chivalric orders.

We will have to wait till the end of this year to see another State Visit.


  1. Loved it!!! The Queen is beautiful. I love both outfits and jewel combinations on her. And that throne! Fabulous.

  2. That black and white dress is to die for!!!

  3. Thank you for the kind compliments.

  4. I love the pic where the queen sits on the throne and the Duke of Swann's outfit for the evening event.