Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Memory Mondays (Style Icons 7 the Duke of Swann)

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann is the quintessential Royal, statesman and average man rolled up in one. His public role however places an expectancy on him to represent his country and to look the part. He has never failed in this in the arenas of style, fashion and protocol laden Royal tradition.

For his 2004 coronation the Duke of Swann, 21 years old at the time was obliged to wear what protocol dictates and had no free will. His job was to look the part of a reigning monarch and to look it successfully, which he did with flying colours. The photo above was taken at the ceremony and served as his official portrait.

Contrastingly in casual dress, with his shirt untucked, His Royal Highness still looks regal. Could it be the antique car and manor house or is it a natural bearing? Everything about His Royal Highness seems to come together to give the public a rounded impression of himself with the casualness always shining through even if it is just in the smile.

The hardworking Royal is committed to several charitable causes and as such is often called out to far out rural areas where he has to not just show face but actually work. Here the choice of clothing is casual but has to keep a slight air of authority as well seeing as lots of funding has to be accounted for.

To the manner and position born, the Royal limelight of official state occasions consisting of glittering ball rooms and heads of state is where the Duke is most accustomed. In this context, dress uniform is more common than tuxedos and heavy chains of office and other paraphernalia compete to encumber the wearer. The common man might say of a formal night out: "I wish I didn't have to wear a tie." A reigning monarch might wish he was. His Royal Highness however always makes it look like a breeze.

In dress uniform again in 2012 the Duke and his family show unity in complimentary colour choices.

For State Visits Tuxedos may be worn given the context, as was the case in Wallachia in 2014. The Tuxedo is another one of the Duke of Swann's completely conquered arenas as this photo proves.

As a Spanish dancer His Royal Highness trains a lot and even in rehearsal looks dashing. Then again, the posturing learnt in and required from this style of dance will do anybody a great service in their appearance. 

On stage the full effect of the Spanish dancer is unmistakably impressive. 

The hardworking, passionate and truly down to earth Royal Head of State has never set a foot wrong when it comes to his public appearance. We can all but wait to be impressed again whenever this red carpet regular is scheduled to appear before the media glare. 

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  1. I'm glad that the guys are getting a chance to show off a bit. The Duke of Swann is of course a good friend of Grand Duke Lothair of Reichental, and has given Lothair some valuable pointers with regards to regal men's styling.