Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Breaking News (Europan Council Declares Emperor)

After a tabling of possible candidates for the proposed role of Emperor in Europa on Monday this week, a final verdict has been reached.

It is official, the Crown Prince Imperial, King of the Scots and King of the Britons was unanimously elected by the Europan Government Council as Emperor. His Majesty has officially accepted the offer via phone to the Chairman but is expected to make an announcement on SNN News Live. Henceforth the former Prince Christian-Victor will be known as His Supreme Majesty, Emperor Christian-Victor of the United Empire, King of the Scots, King of the Britons and Crown Prince Imperial of Scot-Britania and all her Realms. His wife will bear the same feminine title but will be known as Empress Odeliah in short.

 It was a already truly proud moment for the peoples of Britania and Scotney a few weeks ago when a restoration of their separate monarchies was announced. Now their nations will be represented in this very auspicious way by having their King presiding as ceremoniously Emperor of  the States of Europa and chairman of the Europan Council in practice. 

At the Europan Council Meeting it was also decided to use the already existing Crown Jewels as the Regalia for the newly created title of Emperor of the United Empire. His Majesty will be invested with these symbols of office as part of the coronations ceremony already planned for him in regards to his Royal role in the Kingdoms of Scotney and Britania.

The Emperor's personal standard will also be the very same one currently accepted as the Imperial Standard for the Head of the House of Aldarian.

We are all overwhelmed with excitement and can feel the tangible surge of festive jubilation beginning to grow as we look forward to a coronation. This will be the event of the century.
Long Live the Emperor and Empress!


  1. Wonderful News! Can't wait for the coronation!

  2. Ohhhh genial estaré pendiente de este gran evento, besosss