Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wonderful Weekends (Official Portraits of 2 Noblewomen)

Last year saw many Nobles from Scotney and Britania reviving the old fashion of Official Portraits. This fashion has been very prevalent especially in the Scot-Britanian Isles where Royal popularity has soared to the point where now a restoration of the monarchy is imminent. Today we have our traditional weekend slot of official portraits in this vein but in a slight change we are featuring two sets of photographs of two separate people. Firstly the Duchess of Roswind of Britania, the the wife of Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac released her official portraits as the Premiere Duchess of the Realm in Britania. 

Her Royal Highness, Princess Victoria, D'Pont Du Lac, Duchess of Roswind is pictured in her ancestral home, Hever Castle in Norfolk wearing the coronet of rank of a Duchess. 

Here we see the Duchess with her Coat of Arms carved in wood behind her coronet shown in detail. 

Hever Castle provided the perfect interior setting for this photo shoot.

Next we feature one of the pre-eminent Hispanian Nobles, the Countess De Lumbre. Her Excellency has only had portraits in her capacity as a world famous Spanish dancer but never an actual official photo shoot purely as a Noblewoman. This was the first but also a very successful one in our opinion.

The Countess opted for the rarely seen De Lumbre Rubies, coupled with a red dress with bolera jacket.

We seem to almost have a full collection of official portraits of almost all the Royals and Nobles featured here on our many Wonderful Weekends slot. Have a look by following the link below. 


  1. the jewelry set with the crown is lovely! Such alot of work on that!

  2. Estupendas joyas son una preciosidad, que manos tienes Daniel, besosssss