Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 6 April 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Mine Magazine)

On this Easter weekend Mine Magazine released its special issue commemorating the 15th anniversary celebrations in the Principality of Swann. The magazine is distributed worldwide and although featuring mostly Hollywood, fashion and other lifestyle topics, it also specifically focuses on major Royal events and High Profile Royals. The feature length article focusses on the positive mood in Swann politically, the high fashion and jewels seen at the Banquet, the street parties and the Duke of Swann's speech. It particularly focused on the Queen of Hispania. Her bold presence on the world scene has been sorely missed but her presence and style is surely felt now as she takes all the events she attends by storm. On the other hand the absence of Lady Arcwhite at the events in Swann this week only boosted her international persona as it got tongues wagging. Unbeknownst to all, lady Archwhite in her capacity as ruler of Archwhite can never enter the Principality due to an ancient treaty between the two nations barring the respective heads of state from each other's territories. 

The Mine Magazine cover for this month's special issue.

Mine Magazine is owned by Arc Investments, a company solely owned by Lady Arcwhite in her personal capacity. The takeover of the magazine by her corporate gobbling machine made headline news in 2008 and sparked huge controversy. Arc Investments employs an aggressive technological policy where automation and digitization takes precedence over human employment. As such the takeover of Mine Magazine boosted the magazine as a profitable international company but caused the loss of almost 10000 jobs. In 2010 Arc Investments also bought out half of Fashion Television International and owning half the pie has never been Lady Arcwhite's style.

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