Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 13 April 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Syldavian Dinner)

This week has been very exciting. It is amazing to see the wheel of history turn before your eyes. We all see the waves coming we all mount them to surf them. Yet not all manage successfully but over time we learn, we get better and if we forgive and forget we free ourselves to catch the next wave. There will always be a next wave.
After sinister opportunists exploited the 1996 revolution in Scot-Britania to forcefully establish a military backed democracy in Syldavia a time of economic stagnation settled in along with a bleak and austere atmosphere. A kind of lull prevailed until the swell of a new wave was felt and the people of Syldavia chose to mount this new colourful wave. It was a reminder of the past but lessons learnt, this was also something brand new.

The Ploch Palace, official residence of the Kings of Syldavia.

Last night an official dinner was held at the Royal Palace of Ploch on the outskirts of Syldav City. It was hosted by the new Palace staff to welcome King Nikolas and his family and to be the first celebration of his reign. The dinner was attended also by the president of Syldavia. The intimate affair lasted from 6 in the evening till 9 in order to give the exhausted Royal couple time to get some much deserved sleep. They are not scheduled to appear in public again until Sunday’s thanksgiving service.

King and President greet each other and for the first time the new King plays the host officially.

Queen Maxima chose to wear green for this intimate event as that is the Syldavian National colour. She also wore a Tiara last seen in 1988 on the head of Queen Ingrid of Syldavia. More on the Syldavian and Von Bismarck jewels in the next Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesdays.

The complete guest list included from left; the Grand Duchess of Serbieski, Prince Valdemar, Count von Bismarck, King Nikolas III of Syldavia, Queen Maxima, President Rutger and Princess Miranda.

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