Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What’s Up Wednesday (Syldavian People's Gift)

Seeing as jewellery is my favourite topic along with Royalty, I was very happy to report today that the current news is all about jewellery. Rumour abounded now for the last few weeks that the government and people of Syldavia were planning a special gift for their new King and Queen. The gift would be in the form of jewellery and would be gifted not just to the persons of the Royal couple but to their descendants and the country in perpetuity. The rumours were verified yesterday when the President of Syldavia, in a routine meeting with the King at the Palace called Princess Augusta, the well known jewellery dealer into the meeting. In her hand was a chained black case and after the pleasantries, presented the King and Queen with the people’s gift.

Princess Augusta arrives at Ploch Palace with the surprise gift.

Princess Augusta is a world renowned jewellery dealer, collector and designer.

The close-up archive photo of the demi-parure.

The black case revealed earrings and a necklace of matching design in yellow diamonds and pearls. The modern design was deliberate in its allusion to the antique medieval tiara in the Crown Jewel Collection and was thus obviously made to match. Tradition dictates that the Queen should wear this tiara to the Investiture on the 1st of May and as such these gifts could be expected to be worn as well.

The famous Syldavian Medieval Crown Tiara that the new jewellery set has been designed to match.

The International news reported the event on the front page.

Excitement is mounting in Syldavia and this gift, will now more than ever, peak the nation’s interest in the events surrounding the Investiture as I am sure everybody would want to see their beautiful Queen wear their sparkling diamonds. The press release that accompanied today’s presentation has officially named the jewellery set as; The Syldavian People’s Yellow Diamond Demi-Parure. We look forward to seeing it on Queen Maxima’s head shining along with a very historic tiara, poignantly reconciling Syldavias past with its future regardless and in forgiveness of the tragedies of the Bloody Revolution.


  1. Hello from Spain: I see that the people of Syldavia is very affectionate with their kings. What a super gift! I like the bag of jewels. Jewels also are beautiful. Very creative the newspaper page. I really like your stories. keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta. I am glad you enjoy my blog so much. I enjoy all your comments. Thank you for them. Let's hope the Syldavian King is a good king. He seems to be.