Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Breaking News (Syldavian Monarchy Restored by Popular Vote)

Even though it is still the Easter weekend in some countries, I was compelled to blog today, not my normal "Memory Monday" but rather very exciting news. As the ruling Duke of Swann I was informed by my Prime Minister of the news only a few minutes before my valet walked in with the newspaper. You see, even though I am a Prince, I do not own a television but prefer the newspaper and to be told what is going on. I love Facebook and talking to people and the TV just seems to rob a person of valuable time conversing. This was the front page news of the official paper in Swann today.

(please enlarge by clicking on the picture in order to read the articles)

Exciting news, not just for the Count von Bismarck and His family but also for the people of Syldavia who have missed the value of a Royal family and the very specific principles and atmosphere a monarchy bestows upon a nation. I suppose I'll have to get used to referring to my old friend the Count, as Your Majesty.

Even though I own "the Proclaimer", it is run by a specialist team as I don't have the time to be hands-on involved in it. The vast profits are shared between growing the business, charities advancing education in language and journalism and the rest goes toward the Royal treasury. Here in Swann we believe in a monarchy that funds itself through business and investment and we are the only monarchy that gets no assistance from the tax payer for our private income. On the second page I read about the new postage stamp released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of my reign. I had a hand in the design of the stamp myself. An artwork I made representing the Royal Crown of Swann was chosen by the council to be the artwork used on the stamp. 

With the advent of internet, these stamps and the physical post they adorn are becoming little more than novelties. But novelties will always have a place in the affections of man, just like jewellery or even the Royalty and celebrities who wear them. There is great value in novelty, just ask your wife when you give her a single red rose. I hope this blog and its novelty keeps you inspired for many years.

Tomorrow we resume standard posting with "Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesdays". I still miss comments on the blog. I really need feedback as to whether my writing style makes sense, whether the stories are understood and would love to answer questions. I am looking forward to more interaction.  


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    1. Hi Kim. Tnx for the compliment. I have visited your blog and will continue to do so. Hope you continue to enjoy my blog in future.