Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fascinating Friday (Monarchies and Flags)

First off, on this Friday is the announcement that the Principality of Swann has received its official invitation to the Investiture Ceremony of Their Majesties King Nikolas III and Queen Maxima of Syldavia. A National holiday has been declared for the 1st of May 2012 to celebrate the event. In keeping with International Royal law, the Investiture may only be attended by designated Royal representatives as no ruling monarch may attend the Investiture or Coronation of another unless it is that of an Emperor. As such the highest ranking members of ruling and deposed monarchies, other than the heads of state themselves, will be expected to converge on the Syldavian capital in just over a week.

The official Invitation from Syldavia

For today’s topic I decided to be a little less technical as promised and to use this post to paint a broader picture of the Europan Continent. At present, with the restoration of the monarchy in Syldavia, we stand at 7 countries with reigning Royal Houses and Constitutional Monarchies out of the original 19 that existed before the Bloody Revolution and Great War. To give you an overview of that,  I am going to post the flag and a photo of the reigning head of state.

First up we have the largest realm with most ancient established monarchy left in Europa namely The Kingdom of Hispania. Their current Head of State is Her Majesty, Queen Maria I of Hispania, Princess of Castellano, Duchess of Alba and Overlord of the Isles. Queen Maria is of the Royal House of Castellano y Alba.

Hispania's flag

Hispania's Queen

Next we present the realm with the longest uninterrupted reigning Royal line, The House of Draculesti. The Sovereign Grand Princes of Wallachia have stemmed from one family for over 450 years and are the third most politically powerful monarchs in Europa. The monarchy retains several absolute powers, like the right to sentence to death, the right to declare war and the right levy taxes. At present the ruler of Wallachia is Her Serene Highness, the Princess Draculesti XII Xenia of Wallachia, Hunedoar and Carpathia. Illustrious Countess of Batoria and Defender of the East.

Wallachia's flag

Wallachia's Sovereign Princess

The second most directly powerful monarch due to constitutional powers and financial influence is His Royal Highness, the Prince Daniel, III Duke of Swann, Imperial Prince in the Empire, Royal Prince in Scotney and Defender of the Faith. The Duke of Swann is a virtual absolute monarch due to his constitutional right in appointing government, signing laws into effect and being the High Commander of the Swanobian Armed Forces. Aside from this he literally owns in his private capacity almost 62% of the physical territory of the country.

Swann's flag

Swann's Duke

The Duke of Swann has as his first cousin His Royal Highness, Grand Duke George III of Hanoveria, a short title for a much beloved, humble and very successful constitutional monarch. The Grand Duke is independently wealthy meaning that he doesn’t need or require any income from his country in the same way as his cousin from Swann. Although limited to being just a bit more than a ceremonial Head of State he is tremendously influential due to his rapport with his people, being able to even sway elections with a mere speech.

Hanoveria's flag

Hanoveria's Grand Duke

There is one complete absolute monarchy still in existence. This small Island chain off the north western coast of Scotney is known as the Islands of Arcwhite and their ruling monarch is known simple as The Lady Arcwhite. Although not officially used by the Arcwhite court a full style of address was applied in the old Empire of Scot-Britania. This is, Her Illustrious Highness, the Sovereign Lady Arcwhite, Mistress of the Northern Isles. She is reported to abhor this form of address. The ruling House of Arcwhite is not biological family per se but could rather be seen as a sorority of sorts with some members being of blood relation. As such it is called the Royal House of Mormaer or more accurately the Royal Order of Mormaer.

Arcwhite's flag

Arcwhite as a nation does not release official State Portraits but this photo was taken of the Lady Arcwhite at last year's Christmas Ball.

Then we have the first monarchy restored after the revolution namely that of the Kingdom of Normandia. This "new" Kingdom has ancient roots dating back to the Vikings. It has as its Head of State, Her Majesty, Queen Gloria I of Normandia and she hails from what has now become the Royal House of Van der Bilt.

Normandia's flag

Normandia's Queen

Finally the already much publicised and restored ruler from the House of Von Bismarck, His Majesty King Nikolas III of Syldavia and her Extended Territories.

Syldavia's flag

Syldavia's King and his wife


  1. Hello from Spain: I read your blog and 1st of May Sildavia have a party! The flag of Spain has the colors of the current flag of Spain. I love the Hispania's Queen. She is wearing a beautiful dress and a crown spectacular. I like to see you do the review of the monarchies and their flags. I have your Lady Arcwhite. One of my favorite barbies. keep in touch.

    1. Thank you Martha for your regular posting. I really appreciate it and I also like checking your blog out regularly. Yes Syldavia will have it's King officially installed at the Swearing of the Oath and Investiture Ceremony. Obviously the photos will only come out a bit after. I'm looking forward to that. The Hispanian Queen is wearing a dress that an old lady made for me and I gave it a Spanish feel by adding the lace veil and the Mantilla comb. I do Spanish Dance and I love using castanettes. So Spain has a big place in my heart.

  2. Thank you very much. I'm glad that you want to add my blog to your list. You're making beautiful jewelry.
    Keep in touch

    1. My Pleasure. Thanks for the compliment. We will keep in touch.

    2. PS. My favorite is Hispania's Queen. I love this doll beautiful dress and accessories.

    3. I'm glad you like her, it's just too bad the photo isn't good quality. Look out for future Tiaras and Trinkets Tuesdays wher I will eventually discuss the Hispanian Jewellery.

  3. I love your jewelry! New follower to your blog! I will also be checking your blog out on the regular! Great job :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment and for following. There is lots more to come.