Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wonderful Weekends (State Portrait Duke of Swann)

I hope everybody is having a great Easter weekend?
As usual, I just can't resist blogging and in my usual way for a Sunday I decided to post another state portrait. This one is of me, the Duke of Swann and I'm posting it as the celebratory vibe hasn't quite subsided after the anniversary banquet this past week. 

The portrait is part of a series taken to celebrate my accession to the throne of Swann. They were put up for sale as postcards a month before the anniversary and all funds were donated to orphanages in and surrounding the Principality. Orphans hold a place in my heart as I was "orphaned' after my father died due to an injury sustained in the revolution. It's ironic that an orphan acceded to the throne and had to become so in order to rule. I've realized that if you reach adulthood, you must have been loved, regardless of biological parents, as no human can physically survive without help in the form of love. This love is all that matters and as such renders the concept of being orphaned, obsolete.

I look forward to resume normal posting on Tuesday and it looks to be an exciting week as the results of the Syldavian referendum are due this week.

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