Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 13 April 2012

Breaking News (Arrival of the Syldavian King)

The King of Syldavia disembarked into the electric atmosphere that was the Syldavian Capital today.

The airport and city was brought to a stand still today as the news of the new King's arrival spread. Royal Flight 101 touched down shortly after twelve midday and the Royal couple disembarked to be received by the President of Syldavia Mr. Franko Rutger. They were saluted by a military contingent and received the National anthem. Inside the airport a special room was prepared for the King to hear the proclamation of his accession to the throne from the National Parliament.  The King was hailed by his new full style and regnal name as His Majesty King Nikolas III of the Kingdom of Syldavia and her extended territories. His wife will be known as Her Majesty Queen Maxima. A press conference followed where the King confessed his excitement and apprehension. He stated that to serve a nation is a great honour but the vast responsibility is tempered by the joy of seeing people prosper. He said his first task, as a figurehead reminder of the lessons learnt from the past and hope for a new future, was what he held closest to his heart.

The Royal party was joined by military and household staff and left by motorcade to drive through the now slightly wet streets of the City of Syldav. In the streets small crowds had faced the rain to catch a first glimpse of their King and glamorous Queen. At the Palace a modest but formal dinner reception will be held tonight for the President and the King's extended family who already arrived in Syldavia on Thursday. 

The Royal motorcade on its way to the Palace.

The Secretariat of the King has also sent out the official invitations for the Investiture which we can expect to be within the next few months. To be expected are; new currency, new postage stamps and official State Portraits. The flags remain as the original Royal flag of Syldavia was never changed. The Royal couple will attend a thanksgiving service in St. Ottokar's Cathedral in the capital on Sunday. To show what inspirational power a King can have it has just been reported that the Syldavian Stock Exchange shot up 3 points just before closing.

The new King and Queen looked the progressive stylish couple that they are. A breath of fresh air has come to Syldavia!


  1. Wait for the Investiture Ceremony. That is going to be an International extravaganza.